Macy the Pug drinking from water bowl in Frisbee
Macy drinking from her water bowl in an upside down Frisbee to make less mess

A dog water hack for all of you with messy pets.

At my parents house the other day I noticed Macy, my brother’s Pug who was also visiting), drinking from her water bowl but that it was in a Frisbee. I asked Mom why. She said Macy is a very messy dog when it comes to drinking water and she gets it all over the floor. For a solution she took a standard Frisbee and turned it upside down and then set the water bowl inside. Now as Macy slurps her water all over the sides of the water bowl it now falls into the “moat” created by the Frisbee instead of getting the floors all wet!

Do you have any messy pet tricks to share?