Lawn Games

We were a fairly active family when I was a kid. Always busy doing something or another. Even if it was not a structured event like dance, softball, or the like we still did other games at home on the lawn or at picnics and family BBQs. Here are some of my favorites…..



Badminton is kind of like tennis, but a higher net and smaller play area. It also uses a shuttlecock (which yes we always giggled about as kids) instead of a ball.



On television you may see the fancy version of croquet where everyone wears white, but you can be casual if you want – or hey dress up fancy. Whatever floats your boat. We had a croquet set for ages and ages.



Frisbee is one of those games that you can do so many things with. If you want to just throw it back and forth it works or you can set targets or goals and make it more of an actual game. Bonus if you have a fun dog that can play with you when you cannot find another person to play with.


Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a game I actually have not ever played myself, but I’ve watched others play often. You roll the little balls around and have to hit certain colors and stuff. I do not understand it, but everyone seems to enjoy it.



Horseshoes were a requirement at picnics and BBQs. Mostly the men played, but they always gave us kids a chance to play too. Washers is actually what it morphed into so that everyone played more often. Washers involves a box with a coffee can in the middle and big washers a few inches across. You take turns back and forth just like horseshoes.



Volleyball is great at parties on the lawn or the beach when you have a crowd. Admittedly though I was shocked when in I guess junior high we played it in gym and I found out there were more rules and some people were very cut throat about it all. I much prefer the relaxed party style volleyball myself.

Does your family play games like this when it is nice outside? Do you have any others to share with us?