So yes, I’m still struggling with getting healthy BUT I am still making those little steps here and there and adding things when I can. These things may not add up to much just yet however I feel proud of myself when I do them and that encourages me to keep making other good choices. In a couple of weeks I will be headed to the BlogHer 2012 conference in New York again and these are some of the healthy habits that I am going to try to stick to as often as I can while I am there.

  • Bumble Bee Foods is sponsoring Robyn Wright at BlogHer 2012Drink water!

    This is really important for me. When you travel, especially flying, you tend to get dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps PLUS it also helps me with my next item.

  • Drink LESS soda!

    Ideally this would say drink no soda, but I’m trying to be realistic here.

  • Walking is exercise!

    While I’m still riding my recumbent bike at home, I haven’t upgrade to a treadmill yet and so my walking still struggles. I promise to push myself a bit though with walking during the conference

  • Get enough sleep!

    My motto is usually “I will sleep when I get home”, but this is really not healthy. I promise that I will try to get more sleep than I usually do. It’s ok if I miss a few things late at night.

  • Eat better snacks!

    I am going to pack a couple of healthy snacks in my suitcase to have in my hotel room. This will include a couple of Bumble Bee Sensations which have a little can of flavored tuna and crackers and 18g of protein!

  • Eat better meals!

    Along with healthier snacks, I also need to make good choices at actual meals. My goal is more veggies and less breads.

  • Listen to my body!

    Because I am on a very long journey to getting healthy it is really important that I listen to my body. If I push too hard then I just end up causing more problems or not enjoying myself. So if I take a cab somewhere that everyone else walks I’m not going to shoot myself, it is ok. I’m a work in progress!

Do you have any healthy habits you are trying to keep up with during BlogHer? For my friends who already have mastered this being healthy thing I would love more suggestions and ideas that I can add to my list for BlogHer and beyond.




DISCLOSURE: As noted in the image above, Bumble Bee Foods is sponsoring me to attend BlogHer as part of the #BeeSquad. Bumble Bee Foods is not an official sponsor of the BlogHer Conference though.