Some of these tips may apply to other types of phones, but I use an iPhone 4 so that is what these tips are based on. Those that have met me in person know that I always have my iPhone with me and I use it heavily.

iphone tips for blogher

  • Keep Your iPhone Charged

    Every evening I make sure to plug in my phone to charge it plus make sure you bring your USB cord and wall adapter with you in your bag. At conferences you never know how long you will be out and about and it is nice to be able to charge up when you need to. If you are using a laptop in sessions make sure to plug your iPhone into it to charge at the same time. It is also nice to share with others who need it. You can also look for “charger cases” from Energizer, Mophie, etc.

  • Place iPhone Apps In Order of Importance

    If you have a lot of apps, like me, move things around and put what you need on the first screen or in a folder on the first screen. For this event I would put the BlogHer Conference app, your airline app, calendar app, organizer app, WordPress app, expense app, etc. Whatever you use most often on a trip like this.

  • Keep Important Info in Non-Connected Locations

    While we love our apps that are connected using our service or Wi-Fi, it is a fact that in some locations we just cannot connect. It seems to never fail that at those moments are when you need important info that is in an app. For confirmation numbers of flight and hotels and the like put that info into the Notes App or you can open your app now and take a screenshot image of the info in the app and save it to your Camera Roll. To take a screenshot hold down the round button at the button and the on/off button on the top right of your iPhone together and you will hear the camera “click” noise.

  • Turn Down Screen Brightness on Your iPhone

    Go into your settings and turn down your screen brightness just a bit. This will help save your battery life.

  • Shorten Your iPhone Auto-Lock Setting

    Go into your settings and set your phone to Auto-Lock after just 1-minute. This will help save your battery life.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth

    If you aren’t using any Bluetooth services with your iPhone, turn Bluetooth off in your settings. This will help save your battery life.

  • Fully Close iPhone Apps Not in Use

    Double-click the bottom round button to see every app that is not fully closed. Hold down on one of them until they wiggle and then tap the “-“ sign on all of them you are not going to be using. This will increase the performance of your iPhone.

  • Be Ready For File Sharing via Your iPhone

    There are a variety of services you can use to sync your documents and photos to all your other devices and computers. I like SkyDrive the best, but iCloud, Dropbox, and others work too. Get one all set up before you leave on your trip to make sharing easy.

  • Keep iPhone Away From Room Key Card

    I have mentioned this before, but make sure not to put your iPhone next to your room key card. It will erase the key and you will have to walk back to the front desk to get a new one – a pain in the butt.

  • Make a Music Playlist for Your iPhone

    Set up a playlist of your favorite music for on the plane, in the car, in the hotel room to chill out, or to workout by in the morning.

  • Download Trip Specific iPhone Apps

    If you do not already have apps for your airline, a taxi cab app, subway map app, tip and bill splitting app, etc. make sure you get them before you leave and set them up. You may not use them, but it will be nice to have them already if you do need them.

  • Bras Make Good Pockets for iPhones

    I really try to always have pockets on my pants and skirts to keep my iPhone in, but a few items do not have them. Tuck your iPhone under your bra strap as a safe spot to carry it so you don’t set it down and forget it.

  • Clean Your iPhone Screen, Camera Lens, and More

    Give your iPhone a good buffing with a soft cloth. Also, if you have a case take your iPhone out and clean UNDER the case especially the camera lenses and around buttons and switches. If you notice your photos are blurry, this is probably why.

Do you have any other good tips for iPhones at BlogHer ‘12?