Thermacell Review

Hubby is an outdoors type of guy.He loves going out into the woods to just enjoy nature, to hunt, camping, going on the lake to fish, and just generally being outside. Missouri has a lot of mosquitos and bugs and he does not like to use sprays and lotions directly on his skin to keep them away. He found the ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent device to help with this problem.

Hubby wearing the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent

The ThermaCELL device is a butane powered mosquito and black fly repellent. It uses the butane to heat the pre-moistened pad to release the repellent up to 15 feet around you. It is meant to be worn on your or set near you. I think these are fairly manly looking devices, his is deep hunter green and they have a brown one and a camouflage one also, but of course girls can wear that too. There is an optional holster which Hubby highly recommends for those on the move which clips onto your belt or waistband.

To use the device simply insert the butane cartridge into the bottom of the unit. Insert the treated pad into the top of the unit. Turn the unit and then hit the ignite button, usually 2 or 3 times, to ignite the butane and get things working. While the unit does heat up, particularly around the grate area, if your arm or clothing touches it you will not be burned. Make sure you read the safety instructions of course though.

A drawback is that the on/off switch can easily get bumped into the on position and it will drain the butane cartridge. Hubby suggests backing the cartridge out a bit when not in use to avoid this problem. Hubby would also love it if it could repel ticks – they suck! (LOL)

ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Refill Kit

The biggest pro is that it actually works. An example is Hubby was night fishing on the lake and they had floating lights in the water with mosquitoes all around the light but Hubby had the ThermaCELL unit on and did not get any mosquito bites. He had done the night fishing thing just like this before without the ThermaCELL and gotten lots of mosquito bites. The ThermaCELL system is refillable and reusable. You can replace the butane cartridges and the repellent pads. At Bass Pro Shops it is about $5 for a package with one butane cartridge and 3 pads in it. Each pad will last 2-3 hours. Hubby also likes that when he is deer hunting he can avoid spraying bug repellent on him and then leaving a scent trail as he walks thru the wood by instead taking the ThermaCELL with him and turning it on once he reaches his tree stand. It is also very quiet, makes almost no noise at all.

Hubby purchased his unit at our local Bass Pro Shops for about $20 and the holster was around $13. Please note Hubby sort of stinks at remembering prices so these are just his ballpark guesses. It should not be that much more though.

DISCLOSURE: None – Hubby purchased this item on his own and just wanted to share his opinions about it because it really solved a problem for him.