CVS was one of the fabulous sponsors at the Getting Gorgeous event in New York last week hosted by the amazing Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations (I just love her in real life – such a sweetheart) and Very Sweeney of Lady and the Blog (equally wonderful). Along with the manicure and fragrance areas they had makeup and hairstyling stations set up also but I did not have a chance to visit those.

In the past I have always just passed by CVS stuff because we did not have their stores here in St. Louis (we have Walgreens everywhere here). However, CVS is finally opening stores here – including one not too far from my home. I’m anxiously awaiting its opening because I have never been in a CVS store before (I know @geekbabe is gasping right now). You all talk about them so highly though so I promise I am going to check them out when they finally open.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish StripsSally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Before I go on a trip I generally get my nails done, but I did not plan time well this time. I was very happy to be offered a quick manicure at the event. They were using these new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They are kind of like stickers made out of nail polish. There is a protective film on bottom and top of polish that you take off and press onto your nail. Then just file off the excess off the end. Super quick and easy and no drying time needed! They have solid colors, glitters (like the gold I selected), and patterned also (they have a cool pink zebra print). I had this done on Saturday and it is now Friday and it is still on, but the tips are starting to chip now. Still, that’s pretty good I think.

CVS Essence of Beauty Fragrance - Fragrance NotesCVS Essence of Beauty Fragrance - Fragrance NotesCVS Essence of Beauty Fragrance - Fragrance Notes

The other station I visited was about CVS’s new line of fragrances. I was really fascinated here because the lovely hostess (I wish I remembered her name) did a great job in explaining about the different “notes” that fragrance has. In all those bottles she had the top, middle, and bottom notes for each of the four new fragrances they had. This is their Essence of Beauty fragrance line.

I actually thought, based on description, that I would like the new Cool Rain scent best, but it was a tiny bit to floral for me. The one I really liked was the Sensual Night which is a musky scent which I really liked. However, when she let me smell the three notes for the Sensual Night I was really surprised because they are so different on their own and not something I would pick generally. If you ever have the chance make sure you take the chance to learn about fragrances and such, fascinating – ok at least to people like me. Also, these come in both body mist and eau de parfum spray.

Thanks again to CVS for sponsoring this part of Getting Gorgeous. Oh, and hurry up and open that store up near me pretty please!

Do you shop at CVS? Any tips I should know about before I go in for my first time?

Disclosure: I received free services and samples at this event as discussed above. The opinions are my own.