An interesting episode this week on Project Runway. There were two players that quit. Andrea opted to sneak out in the middle of the night and then Kooan quit in the workroom the next day. I know artistic types can be a bit on the flaky side, but it must be so frustrating to the designers who tried out for the show and did not make it to see people who do get on the show quit. Granted, it was obvious neither of these designers would have been the winner of this season, but still.

Andrea quit Project RunwayKooan quit Project Runway


Tim Gunn announced Raul, who was eliminated the previous week, would return to keep the numbers correct for the show and voting. This was his return look – he is really lucky he wasn’t “out” right away again with this effort.

Raul's look during his return to Project Runway

This week’s winner was Sonjia with this pretty jersey dress. This photo doesn’t show all the detail on the right side of it. I have to say though as it came down the runway you could see right through the bottom of the dress. While the style is nice, it needed to be lined or the model needed a slip on under it.

Project Runway Week 4 Winner Sonjia

Ok, now what was up with this look? To me this is U-G-L-Y! It is not flattering at all on this model! It looks like the coat is 15 times too large on her to me and the rounded shoulders – ugh. Plus it is exaggerated even more by the super skinny pants on the super skinny model.

Project Runway Week 4 giant shoulders

The loser this week was Buffi. It finally came through that she really is not much of a designer, just someone with a kooky style. Her designs look cheap usually and this week was the same. Plus the clothes she wears herself – like this week wearing a little lingerie jacket type thing? Crazy! Bye-Bye Buffi!

project_runway_loser_buffibuffi wears lingerie


Did you watch this week? What are your thoughts?