Freezer to Grill Chicken
Hubby likes to be able to grill on a moment’s notice sometimes. This means I need to keep items on hand that he can grab and throw on the grill. One of his newest favorites is, believe it or not, frozen chicken! This is super easy grilling for anyone he says and is just two ingredients!


  • Individually frozen chicken parts
    These are found in large bags and the pieces have a thin layer of ice on them. You do NOT need to thaw for this recipe.
  • McCormick Grill Masters Chicken Rub

Directions:Frozen Chicken to Grill - Rub

Prepare your grill, Hubby prefers his Weber Kettle Grill for this meal, with a medium-high heat (regardless of if it is gas or charcoal). Set your grill up for indirect cooking for the chicken – this means you will have the fire high in one area but you will place the food over the other areas,. While your grill is heating you are going to prepare the chicken.

Take out as many pieces of chicken that you would like to cook and sprinkle the top side with a moderate amount of the rub. Place the chicken on the grill with rub side UP. The reason for this is that as the chicken thaws while it is on the grill, the rub will soak into the meat. Once the chicken is fully thawed then you can flip the pieces over and sprinkle on rub to that side. When the chicken is about 145° F (use a meat thermometer) then you can move it closer to the hottest part of the grill to get grill marks and the nice browning. Cook until done at 165° F.

If you have pieces that are larger than others, start them first. You can also add potatoes or other veggies to cook on the grill. Hubby added potatoes tonight by washing brown potatoes, slit lengthwise about 1/2 way thru, drizzle with canola oil, sprinkle with sea salt and garlic powder to taste. Wrap in foil. Cook on grill, direct heat, for about 40 minutes. Turn frequently.

What is your favorite way to grill chicken?

Disclosure: NONE – This is just sharing our dinner tonight with everyone. We use a lot of McCormick spices and rubs and he loves his Weber Grill.