Did you know it is National Cholesterol Education Month? I found out when Vital’s shared this great infographic with me about comparing fat and calories and cholesterol in food items. It came at the perfect time since I just had my cholesterol checked the other day. Sadly, my numbers could be better. I have borderline high numbers except my good cholesterol which is low. So when I looked at this graphic on if you should choose cherry pie or chocolate cake I was really surprised. It shows that just because a food is lower in fat and calories does not mean it is lower in cholesterol also. Who knew?

Have you had your cholesterol checked recently? Do you do things to improve your cholesterol scores?

Which should you choose? Cherry Pie or Chocolate Cake - comparing fat, calories, and cholesterol

Thanks again to Vitals for sharing this infographic. I have not used their service myself, but they help you find a doctor that is right for you.