I really liked this week’s edition of Project Runway. We are talking Season 10, Episode 10 this week. The designers had to create a costume for the Rockettes. These more unique challenges show which of the contestants have a larger range I think.

project runway rockettes ven loser

This week that proved very true as Ven Budhu was out. He has made some really pretty things, including winning the candy dress challenge, but without his origami rose type element he falls flat. His Rockettes costume was very boring and I was surprised that it was not made as well as he normally makes things. Ven was out this week with this drab Rockettes costume.

project runway rockettes winner

Christopher Palu was the Rockettes challenge winner. I love this and I think it is perfect for the rockets! You definitely want to see the larger version (click on image) of this to see the sparkly detail of the sky. The top of the dress is made with a very pretty silvery material that he cut into building representing the New York City skyline. As the winner of this challenge, his design is going to be used by the Rockettes in an actual performance.

project runway rockettes dimitry

Dmitry Sholokhov’s design was very sleek. I really liked it as well, but it just did not have the impact of Christopher’s with that skyline. Dimitry said he had costume experience though as he was a ballroom dancer throughout his childhood – who knew?

project runway rockettes elena     project runway rockettes sonjia
These costumes were also at the bottom this week. Elena Slivnyak tried to really stretch out of her comfort zone with the blue outfit but it was just so over the top and looked pretty tacky. I honestly thought she was going to go home. Sonjia Williams designed the feathered purple outfit which just is not practical. The feathers are just too fragile to have on costumes that will be taken on and off so often and danced in so much.

Which were your best and worst looks this week?

You can see the rest of this week’s Project Runway designs on the Lifetime TV website. Photos shown here are from Lifetime TV for the purpose of me reviewing the episode.

Disclosure: None, just a show I like and wanted to share my thoughts with my readers.