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My mom is the big Halloween fan in our family and holds the annual party. Even though I do not have my own party I still love looking at all the fun and creepy ideas for Halloween foods and treats. I thought I would share a few of my favorites. Some of these Halloween foods are cute, some of the Halloween food is just gross looking! Yikes! Pick what will work best for your Halloween party crowd.

strawberry ghosts I love these Strawberry Ghosts from Taste of Home. Dip your strawberries into melted white chocolate and use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and some melted chocolate for their mouths.

jello wormsHow about serving up a nice bowl of worms at your Halloween party? These are fun and gross all at the same time I think. These are actually Jell-O worms that you make in bendy straws – so clever! Full recipe and instructions for Edible Worms are posted on Instructables.

Halloween Brains in a Jar cupcakes


These Brains In a Jar Cupcakes would be a great take-home item for your Halloween Party guests or just a fun way to eat brains at the event (plus you get to keep your jars then). Amy Locurto gives you all the instructions for making these creepy cupcakes.


pumpkin from carrots

Here is a super cute carrot pumpkin to help your ghouls and goblins eat healthy at your Halloween party. Simply lay out your mini carrots in a large oval and use small dishes of dip for the eyes and nose, some zucchini (or whatever) for the mouth and broccoli for the stem. More detail and other ideas at Bamboo and Tikis.


meat skeleton

And finally how about this meat skeleton? The upper part is ribs and the intestines are actually sausage. Serve with plenty of BBQ sauce for the blood. I am thinking my Hubby would love this for dinner on Halloween. This same post from Not Quite Nigella has tons of other great Halloween party ideas and food too!

I have more ideas I have found around the web over on Robyn’s Halloween Fun Pinterest board – come on over and take a look.

Do you have a favorite Halloween food that you would like to share?




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