i am not weird

In 2011 I met Kevin Metzger at the Type-A Convention and he shared with me this wonderful book, I Am Not Weird, that his daughter wrote. I have told so many people about the book in person, but I realized I never blogged about the book. I want to say that any child with cerebral palsy should read the book, but it is more than that. So maybe all kids with CP plus anyone who knows a child with CP should read it. That still is not enough. I really think this is a wonderful book for everyone to read.

While Haley’s story of writing the book came from her own frustration with another child not understanding what made her unique, the story can apply to anyone. We are all different in our own way. Some of our differences are a little more noticeable than others though. Haley does a wonderful job showing us the things she does in therapy, but also all the “regular” things she does just like other children.

My suggestion to you is to order “I Am Not Weird” by Haley Metzger (it is available on Amazon). Read it yourself, read it with your kids. Then, pass the book on to a teacher, librarian, or doctor’s office even. Anywhere that there are more kids that will be able to read the book and be able to understand more about someone with cerebral palsy and anyone else who is not weird!

Disclosure: Kevin did give me a copy of the book. The opinions are my own. My copy has gone to others who will enjoy it now.