project runway season 10 winner 2012 dmitry sholokhov So did you watch the Project Runway finale the other night? Dmitry Sholokhov is the Project Runway Season 10 winner. He was not necessarily my favorite, but I think all the finalists this year were very talented. Of course, being a reality show my opinion is skewed a little by the personality of the contestants. Dmitry seemed a bit cold to me. Melissa Fleis had my favorite collection of designs in the finale plus she seemed very nice – she would have been my choice for the winner. Even though Fabio Costa’s designs are not my style at all, I do see that there is style to them and why some would like them. He is the quirkiest designer from all the Project Runway seasons, that I can remember, that I understood. Then their was poor Christopher Palu. He is very talented, but his final collection seemed a bit too slutty except the final dress which just had problems. I think all of these designers will make it though.

project runway 2012 Dmitry Sholokhov finale 01project runway 2012 Dmitry Sholokhov  finale


Dmitry had a very clean collection. However, I have no idea what he was thinking with the models make-up and hair. They put gel on the models hair and then put silver leaf on it – okay that was odd but then I saw the make-up he put on these poor models. GAH! They looked awful! The make-up did make me forget about the hair though.

project runway 2012 Fabio Costa finaleproject runway 2012 Fabio Costa finale


Fabio Costa surprised me with the very light colors of his collection. Everyone else had very dark collections overall, but he had lots of whites and pastels. The one thing I really did not like was the jewelry. It looked like plastic canvas to me. You know, that plastic grid that you use yarn with to make crafts. I just did not get that, did you?

project runway 2012 Melissa Fleis finale project runway 2012 Melissa Fleis finaleproject runway 2012 Melissa Fleis finale project runway 2012 Melissa Fleis finale


As I said, Melissa Fleis was my personal favorite. The jacket in the first look originally had some cool cuffs on it though, but in the preview the judges said she should cut those off. She did, and I still love the jacket, but I liked it with the cuffs more. The red dress I loved, loved, loved. Red is my favorite color and this was just a gorgeous shade of red and I just love the cut of the dress – even though I could never wear it myself. Melissa’s mistake though was the white dress. There was no slit and the fabric did not stretch so the poor model was shuffling down the runway.

 project runway 2012 Christopher Palu finale project runway 2012 Christopher Palu finale project runway 2012 Christopher Palu finale


Christopher Palu is such a cutie and very talented, but he seemed to just get frazzled with the entire finale. A lot of his designs looked very slutty to me, like the first look above. It was a different feel than what he had done the rest of the season on Project Runway. Christopher did make a really unique print for several of the pieces. It was actually made from an X-ray of his mom’s. The final dress should have been amazing, but it had issues. Before the runway the model got it tangled on her shoe and they had to cut part of it off and even on the actual runway at the end it looked as if she got tangled again. What really surprised me was the back of the dress. It just did not line up right and was very unlike Christopher’s other work.

You can see all of the looks from the finale on the Project Runway Season 10 site. The Rate the Runway section is where you can find them all.

So what were your favorites? Your least favorites? Who would you pick as the winner?

Photos from Lifetime TV
Disclosure: None, just sharing my thoughts on a favorite show of mine.