Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knivesLast week I won two knives from one of my favorite food bloggers, Vanessa Druckman of French Foodie Mom. I love winning kitchen items and I think you can never have too many knives in the kitchen. Too many cooks yes, but not too many knives.

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knivesI already have some Chicago Cutlery pieces that I like. The ones I won are from their DesignPro series though and I love these! The spot for my thumb is the best part. I cannot tell you how many times I have nicked myself on other knives, the traditional chef style, right at the back of the blade where I am holding it. The DesignPro line I think will eliminate this! It is also just a comfortable knife to hold – enough weight to be substantial but not so heavy that it becomes difficult to use.

I am adding the Santoku knife from the DesignPro line to my Christmas list. Plus, I am also adding the DesignPro line of knives to my holiday gift guide for any foodies on your holiday shopping list. Trust me, they will enjoy these knives! You can see the entire line of Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives on World Kitchen’s online store.

Item: Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Knives
Category: Kitchen
For: Men, Women, Foodies
Price: Under $50

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This product is part of Robyn’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Disclosure: As mentioned, I won these knives. There is no other connection.