I created a tutorial about this back in 2008, but I thought I would update since Twitter has changed a little since then. If you need the link to an individual tweet that you, or someone else, has sent on Twitter it is very simple.

Go to Twitter.com and go to your profile page (or whomever). You will see the list of recent tweets that have been sent. To the far right you will see a time/date reference. I circled them in aqua here so you could see them. These all happen to be from about 1 hour ago. That “1h” (or whatever the time/date is) will be clickable. I clicked the second tweet on the list.

Twitter status


Once I clicked that link a new page opened. It shows my tweet, and in this instance, also what I happened to be replying to. On this page you will want to copy the URL – this is the direct link to that tweet. I circled it in yellow here (click image to enlarge if you need to). You can then paste that link any where you need to.

Creating links to individual tweets on Twitter

There are a few other ways and tools you can use to do this, but the method above is the simplest for most people to follow and to explain.

Any questions?