6 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes  |  Robyns.World

I have never made stuffing from scratch, but maybe this Thanksgiving I will give it a try. Honestly, I am a huge fan of Stove Top Stuffing. For me, it tastes really good and it is one of the simplest things on the planet to make. So if you are the Stove Top Stuffing type no problem either. Just in case you want to give some variety a try with homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing here are some recipes that I think look pretty good.

roasted butternut sausage fennel stuffing by gimmesomeoven

The name of this one just sounds so flavorful! It is Roasted Butternut, Sausage & Fennel Stuffing from Gimme Some Oven. She warns us that it does take about 2 hours of prep work but that it can be done a day or so ahead if you need to. This photo shows it in individual ramekins, but you can make it in a large family style dish.

Bacon Apple and Cranberry Stuffing from chefdruk

I am never let down for a recipe from Chef Druck! What I was not expecting was simple, but I was thrilled to see Chef Druck’s recipe for Bacon, Apple & Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing because da-da-da-daaa, it uses Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing as the base! Yes! Not only that, but she puts BACON in it! This is going to be one I most definitely try.


For all of my gluten free friends here is a gluten free stuffing recipe just for you. Quinoa Stuffing with Apple, Sweet Potato & Hazelnuts from Family Fresh Cooking. I truly cannot imagine Thanksgiving without a traditional bread based stuffing, but I know it just is not possible for everyone. This recipe seems to lean a tad more on the sweet side than savory, but still looks wonderful autumnal and would be great with that roasted turkey!

stuffing dressing from thepioneerwoman

This recipe is for a simple Thanksgiving Stuffing (or Thanksgiving Dressing) from The Pioneer Woman. If you want to try a from scratch recipe that is not overly complicated and that has very clear step-by-step instructions with pictures, this is the one for you. That is something I like about The Pioneer Woman’s recipe posts always – lots of great pictures!

Stuffing-Balls-from thepostitplace

Now this recipe may not be as pretty, but I bet they are darn tasty! Fried Sausage Stuffing Balls from ThePost-ItPlace.com. A bonus here, this recipe also uses a “box of chicken flavored stuffing mix” aka Stove Top as a base.

chestnut mushroom stuffing from whatwouldcathyeat

Finally, this is a more heart-healthy Thanksgiving stuffing but still with plenty of flavor. What Would Cathy Eat shares her Chestnut Mushroom Stuffing recipe that uses olive oil instead of butter, whole wheat bread instead of white, chestnuts for richness but low fat, and mushrooms for texture.

Do you have your own special Thanksgiving stuffing recipe? Please feel free to include a link to a post with the recipe if you have one. What about the recipes above, do you think you will try any of them? And finally, do you stuff your bird or cook the stuffing outside of the bird?