Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

I had several people ask me about the collage of pictures I made for my Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes collection post. So many do not realize how easy these are to make so I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you. For this tutorial I am using because it is free and everyone can access it. I’m going to walk you through how I made this collage to the left, “Colby at the Park” (click on it to see it larger). Colby is my adorable nephew and I took this pics yesterday on my phone when we visited a very cool park.

1. Gather a collection of digital images you want to use for your collage – a minimum of 3, the maximum number of images depends on the collage template you use. Just gather them up for now and you can pick and choose as you go.

2. Go to and on the left side of the screen click “Create a collage”. This will load up the collage screen.

3. On the far left you will see 3 different icons/buttons. The top is a little mountain range and sun in a box, then a 3 cubed collage icon, and then an artists’ palette. If not already selected, pick the first one (the mountains). Then click the “Upload photos” box.

Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

4. This is going to bring up a dialog box on your computer to pick the digital images you want to use. Just find where you have those photos and select them – do those in bulk or one by one. It is okay to upload more photos than you will need, you can remove the extras.

5. Now click on the little icon/button on the far left that is the 3 blocks and it will pull up collage templates. At the very top is “Create your own” and below that multiple categories. Let’s start with a premade template. When you click on any of the categories a drop down will appear and show you the layout available. Pick the one you like and click on it. You will see the outlines for that design in the large work window.

Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial
6. Now click back to the top icon of the mountains to see your uploaded photos again. Simply click and hold on any of those photos and drag it to the area you want in your work area. You can move them to different spots to try things out or move it completely off if you decide not to use a certain image. Play around and get the images all in place how you would like them.

7. During this step you can also resize the shapes of the outlines. When you hold your mouse over the borders of the template it changes to an icon of a line and 2 arrows – just hold and drag to resize. You can even put in an extra image by dragging between the others. Just play around. If you want to add a title later you can leave one of the photo boxes empty also.

PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

8. When you have it the way you like it we will move to the icon on the left of the artist palette. This will bring up options to change the background color from white to whatever you like. You can also round the corners of your images and increase or decrease the space between images. Play around and set it to what you like. I used orange as my background to contrast all the blue in the photos I was using for this example.

Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage TutorialColby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

9. When you are ready, right above your collage click SAVE. This will bring up the save options on the left for you. Change the file name to whatever you like. Unless you know you need another file format, keep .jpg the same. Quality is good (Roger), better (Pierce), or best (Sean)  (pssst that is a James Bond reference they are using). I generally stick with the middle option. Then click the SAVE PHOTO button.10. A dialogue box will come up asking you where you want to save the image on your computer. Pick the location you like – if you are new to this you can pick “Desktop” on the left and it will save it to your starting screen on your computer.  That’s it! You can finish there if you like.

11. BONUS STEP – this is if you want to add a title and left a box blank. Click the “X” in the upper right of the PicMonkey screen to close your image (you’ve already saved it). This goes back to the main screen, now select “Edit a photo” The dialogue box will pop up, find and select the collage you just made and it will be placed in the work area. Now on the left side pick the icon that looks like the letter “P”. This will bring up your font menu – select the font you like and click “Add Text”. The text box will be in the center of your screen, just hover over the center of it and the arrow will turn into a 4 sided arrow – hold and drag the text box to where you want it. Now click inside of it to get a cursor and type your title. You can use the Text options box to change the color if you like or other adjustments. To resize the text just place your mouse in the corner and pull in or out til you like it. When you are done with the text, save again as you did in Step 10. Voila!

Colby at the Park - PicMonkey Collage Tutorial

I told you it was easy! Now obviously you can use all the other tools at PicMonkey to make more adjustments to your photos and collages. I just wanted to show you the basic steps so you could give it a try. If you upload your collage somewhere public, please include the link below in the comments so we can all see what you have made!

Any questions?

Disclosure: None, just sharing how to make something.