Since Windows 8 has all these cool apps that run you may have the need to fully close one of them. Generally, they are not using resources in the background, but some do. Also, just like other things occasionally you might have one get “stuck” and you need to close the app fully in Windows 8.

Windows 8

windows 8 tiles


If you are on a touch screen device running Windows 8, simply swipe from the top center to the bottom center of the screen while the app is open. This will close the app fully. This applies to laptops or desktops with touch screens or to Microsoft Surface tablets.


You can use your mouse to create the same swipe motion on Windows 8 machines without a touch screen. With the app open, place your mouse at the top center of your screen and the mouse pointer will change to a little hand. Click and hold while you pull down to bottom center of the screen to fully close the app. You can also use this on devices with touch screens if you prefer.

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