Dell XPS 13 Ultrabookdell xps 13 thin

You all know I am a big fan of Dell, I have been for many years now. It is the computer brand I most recommend to friends and family when they ask me to help pick something out. My desktop computers have always been Dells, I have bought Dell computers for Hubby and T also. Good stuff.

dell xps 13 side openRecently the Dell Santa sent me a new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. This is my favorite laptop computer I have ever owned so far. It is not that any past machines have been horrible, but I just am finding the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook to be exceptional for my needs. This machine also was voted PCWorld Best Ultrabook Summer 2012, Best Overall Lightweight Laptop by Good Housekeeping, and Editor’s Choice 2012 at, so I am not alone in my opinion of this Dell.

dell xps 13 screenSome of my reasons I really like using the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

  • It is thin and light – this is perfect for when I travel
  • Plenty of power for me – this machine is performing well for me on all of my regular tasks (internet, blogging, photo editing, biz apps, etc.). It has a 2nd gen Intel Core processor. I have found myself using this much more than I did my old laptop even while here at home because it does easily handle the work I need at a fast enough pace.
  • 8 second boot time and just 4 seconds from a deep sleep – fastest I have had
  • Good battery life – it lasts several hours with me working on it from a full charge
  • The keyboard has a great feel to it – since I do type a lot this is really important to me. The keyboard on the XPS 13 has a very nice touch to it with just enough click and just enough bounce.
  • The keyboard is backlit – I just love this feature
  • Good sound – most regular laptops do not have that great of a sound to them through their small speakers unless you have one focused on sound. I was pleasantly surprised at the nice sound this has when watching videos, doing Skype calls, and listening to music
  • Nice display – I love the glossy displays on laptops. My last one had the flat finish and the glass is so much nicer!
  • Quiet – with the Sold State Drive you do not have the sound of a small plane ready for take off – it is very quiet.

dell xps 13 keyboardMy machine came with Windows 7 on it, but I upgraded immediately to Windows 8 since that is what I am using on all my machines. It is running Windows 8 beautifully. If you buy a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 7 on it still you can upgrade for just $15 to Windows 8 and it is very simple. As I’m writing this it looks like the Dell XPS 13 is starting at $799.99 on the site – well worth this price I think. You can customize it a bit with upgrades for a bit more also if you want and it looks like most will get to you before Christmas if you are buying this as a gift. This is the ultrabook I would buy for a gift for anyone on my list this year that wanted a laptop. This definitely makes my Holiday Gift Guide!

Do you plan on buying a computer this holiday season for anyone?

dell xps in box

Photos from Dell – they are just much better than what I could take myself. The very last one is my pic of the box.

Disclosure: As mentioned above I did receive a Dell XPS 13 from Dell. My opinion of this machine is truly my own and I own other Dell machines I have bought myself and have been a fan of theirs since before I had any connection with them from my blog. They have consistently been the most reliable brand of computer overall that I have used and recommended to others.