project runway all stars - joshua losesHave you been watching Project Runway All Stars this season? We are getting down to the end. This week the challenge was to create a couture gown and they sent the contestants to Paris where they got to pick out fabric to take back to New York to make their designs.

None of the designs this week were really a favorite of mine, they just weren’t my style. However, Joshua’s was behind “not a favorite”, I thought it was U-G-L-Y! He went to Paris and the bright floral print is what he brought back! Are you kidding me? It isn’t that the floral print couldn’t be pretty when used in a different way. Maybe a spring dress for a little girl? Or it would have been great used in the movie “On a Clear Day” with Barbara Streisand – remember all the floral fabric in her bedroom? It just does not, in any way, scream – or whisper even – couture fashion.

The judges apparently agreed because this week Joshua was out! I am personally rooting for Uli to win this season.

What do you think?

Photo via Lifetime TV