A security tip for you all this Work Wednesday. By default when you create a WordPress blog it makes a user named “admin” for the administrator. It does this for everyone. This means that hackers already have half of the information they need to get into your site. Fortunately this is an easy fix, even for those of you who are not so technical.

wordpress add user

Log in to your WordPress administration page as usual. Now look down the left side and find “Users” and click on it. Now select “Add New” and a form will appear. Enter a different username, email and other info. It is very important to also change the “Role” to “Administrator”. Save and now you have your new administration user.

Log out and then log in using the new username and password you just created.

Next you want to go back to the Users page and now you will see the old admin plus the new user you just created. You are now going to delete the user “admin”. When you go to do that you will be asked if you wish to delete that users posts and links OR if you would like to attribute their posts and links to another. You will want to attribute them by selecting the new username you just created from the list. This way all of your posts are still there and just under your new name now.

You’re done! See, I told you that was simple. Have you changed your default log in yet?