One of the reasons I love working in social media is that it is not all business – sort of. Not realizing when I started this blog that it would go where it has, what I was doing was just sharing myself. My blog is about me, my life, my interests, my world. That turned into business, but honestly the bulk of what I do is still the same – sharing myself and my world through my blog and other social media networks.

Authentic Quote - OprahI have seen other bloggers try to be all business when it comes to this same kind of work. For them everything is about attracting advertisers or sponsors, about stats, about making money at it. Even the posts they write that at first glance may seem authentic, really are more ploys to get more work and seem realistic. This obviously frustrates me a great deal in some ways, but I just let it go and skip those blogs and obviously I would not hire or refer them for work either. There are a few who manage to make this work on some levels, but the majority who do this end up in a constant struggle. This is why “all business” is not always good business.

authentic tony robbinsIf you have attended any blogging conference you have heard this a million times – BE AUTHENTIC! It really is true. This does not mean you have to share every single facet of your life, but do try to be yourself in what you do share.

The next part is when you go to other social networks (not your blog), do not make it all business and just promote your latest posts. On Twitter actually interact with others, talk, answer and ask questions, and then feel free to sprinkle in those self promoting tweets. This same style really works well on Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, etc. Facebook is a bit different if you are working on a fan page rather than a personal page – but the essence should still be that you are being SOCIAL when you use social media.

From your viewpoint looking at others, are you more likely to remember someone who you chit chat with or that shares pictures of their cat like yours or someone who only talks about their business all the time?