I have talked about Omega-3s before especially as it pertains to helping Hubby and son with their bipolar. There are lots of different supplements and products with Omega-3s infused and of course, natural foods also. Whenever we have a chance to try out a new product with Omega-3 we do to be able to have a variety of ways to get more into our diets. Omega Infusion is our latest.

Omega Infusion Drinks Review

“The FDA qualified health benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids is a reduced risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).  It is a fact that our bodies cannot naturally produce the nutrients found in Omega-3 so we must get them from outside sources.  Recent studies have shown several potential benefits of Omega-3’s, including:

·  Improvement of cognitive function in both children and adults

·  Help with psychiatric disorders such as depression

· Increased mental focus and motivation

· Reduced stress levels and mental fatigue

· Reduced macular degeneration

· Strengthened red blood cells which may improve blood pressure, heart rate and vascular function

· Possible anticancer benefits

· Potential to counter inflammation

· Higher level of satiety and appetite reduction”

There are 2 different products, the Omega Infusion Shots and Omega Infusion Beverage. Both are sugar free and zero calories! I really like this myself because having given up Coke since before my weight loss surgery, I have had to find other beverages to drink throughout the day – it is harder than you would think to find because I try to look for sugar free and it also cannot be carbonated. The Omega Infusion Beverage works for me!

Omega Infusion Nutrition Facts Panel

Omega Infusion Beverage

The Omega Infusion Beverage taste falls between a flavored water and a light juice. It is not too weak in flavor like I find some flavored waters, but it is also not as strong as even a light juice. It is refreshing. It comes in berry, fruit punch, citrus, and orange flavors – my favorite is berry. Each bottle is 2 servings which contain 40mg of Omega-3s EPA/DHA per serving. You can see that there is no carbs, sugars, or calories in it, just a tad bit of sodium.

Omega Infusion Shots

If you want a bigger dose of the Omega-3s and less liquid then try the Omega Infusion Shots. Each small 2 ounce bottle is 1 serving and has 250mg of Omega-3s EPA/DHA! These are also sugar free and just a tad bit of sodium. We tried the raspberry-lemon flavor and it was good, it also comes in pink grapefruit and peach mango. If you are aiming to get higher levels this is obviously the better choice I think.

This is a new product so it is not available everywhere just yet. Right now you can find it at Giant Stores, HEB, and Stop&Shop. I’m hoping they expand this to more places across the country soon.

You can find out more at OmegaInfusion.com. Plus find Omega Infusion on Facebook, and follow @Omega_Infusion on Twitter.

This will be a product that Hubby has already asked me to continue to buy for him. He really likes the flavor and likes the addition of Omega-3s. I have not yet gotten T to try them – he has been busy these days – but based on his like of flavored waters I think he will like these as well. He also prefers supplements to prescriptions to help with his bipolar these days. I would recommend anyone wanting more Omega-3s to give Omega Infusion a try.

Do you take Omega-3 supplements? Would you try Omega Infusion?

Disclosure: I received samples and have been compensated for this post. The opinions are entirely my own and my families. Our experience with Omega-3s and bipolar are our own and not medical statements or advice.