Nadoz Cafe and Vino Nadoz in St. Louis – Event Recap

Sunday I attended a #STLBloggers get together at  Nadoz Cafe & Vino Nadoz in St. Louis. This is at their location in The Boulevard right across from The Galleria. A huge thanks to Steve and Kathy from Nadoz and Lindsay from Itz Linz for setting this up for all of us!

Bloggers Attending Nadoz Cafe Event in St. Louis

The Nadoz Café side is a nice family friendly place that has a wide range of breakfast items, bakery items, sandwiches, smoothies, fresh juice bar, and more. Hubby loves that breakfast is served all day. Free wi-fi also – always a plus! I have meetings at different places around town often, but I think I will put Nadoz Café at the top of my list because they also have some really healthy choices. (Hey my STL friends who want to meet up, give me a shout) On their menu – all meals – you will find lots of protein options which I really look for right now. Gluten free options. Whole wheat items. Fresh smoothies. And the newest addition is a juice bar! Not only do they have healthy options, they are big on buying locally grown products and using high quality. This makes me feel good about eating there! Here is the gang at the even today – I’m the 3rd from the left in the back.

The New Nadoz Café Juice Bar!

Nadoz Cafe Fresh Juice Bar Menu in St. Louis

Juicing is a big thing in many parts of the country. You get all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in a tasty drink. There are only a small handful of places in St. Louis that have a real juice bar – and Nadoz Café is one of them! They were nice enough to give us all the chance to taste whatever we liked. I admit, I have never had this type of fruit AND veggie juice before and I was a bit leery. Honestly, I thought I would not like it, but I was wrong! The first one I tried was “Power of C” which was kale, pear, and orange juice. Yes, I was very afraid of that kale but they said that was one of the fruitiest tasting recipes so that’s why I picked it. You know what – IT WAS DELICIOUS! It was very light and refreshing and just enough naturally sweet. The juicing machine also made the top frothy which really reminded me of the orange juice my grandma used to make. Next I tasted “Swamp Thing” which is celery, kale, parsley, lemon, and ginger – wowsa! That ginger packs a punch, it was good, but the strength of the ginger just caught me off guard. I also had some of the “Tropical Beet” which is fresh pineapple, apple, and beet – another very tasty juice! I love that you can actually see them make the juice fresh to order too! This is a good way for me to get in more natural vitamins into my diet.

Fresh ingredients at Nadoz Cafe Juice Bar

Fresh juices at Nadoz Cafe made to order

More Tasty Treats!

The Nadoz staff put out a wonderful display of some of their tasty items for us to try. Most of these are from the Nadoz Café, even though we were in the adjoining Vino Nadoz (that room is only open Tues-Sat so we had it to ourselves).

Writer's Biters sandwiches at Nadoz Cafe #STL Blogger Event

The little sandwiches were “Writer Biters” which were cranberry-almond chicken salad on little brioche.

Ingredients List - Nadoz Cafe

Vegetarian Quinoa at Nadoz Cafe

My favorite item was the Southwest Quinoa Salad. It is vegetarian and gluten free also. Quinoa is a great source of protein, plus there were black beans in this also. This is a standard side item option you can always get with any of their sandwiches even. I would love to see them add more varieties of quinoa salads too – a nice change from pasta salad.

Cocktails at Nadoz Cafe #STL Blogger Event

Pen, Ink & Drink Featuring Vino Nadoz Sparkling Gigi

This drink was right up my alley, but alas, I cannot have alcohol or anything carbonated just yet (because of my gastric sleeve surgery). When I am able to in several more weeks I will definitely be trying this refreshment!

Fresh Fruit - Nadoz Cafe

Nadoz Cafe Coffee

Nice thinly cut fruit and assorted berries and coffee.

Nadoz Cafe Muffins

Nadoz Cafe Sweet Treats

These muffins looked so good – but I did not try them myself (again my diet is still a bit limited since surgery). They also had an lovely assortment of desserts they called “Sweet Tweets” – you all that follow me on Twitter know that I had to love that name! I tried the little tart with the fresh berries – just a small nibble of one – it was really good! I would have loved to try all of them, I’m sure they were as delicious as they were pretty.

Vino Nadoz Bistro

I cannot wait to go back to Vino Nadoz for dinner one evening. Just like on the Café side, they use local ingredients as much as possible and everything is made in house – even the ketchup the chef told us! The menu changes with each season and Chef Chris said he makes a couple of changes within the season as well. I love that they have scallops on the menu too because that is a favorite of mine!


Vino Nadoz Bistro Menu Board

This giant board is at the back of the bistro and is updated with that day’s specials and other offerings. You can see they have a lot of different specials which I think a nice dinner out a lot of fun.

Nadoz Cafe - Chef Chris

Nadoz Cafe Menu

This is Chef Chris who was telling us all about the food. It was easy to see he is passionate about what he does. I asked if they have a problem doing special dietary requests and he said not at all. He told us his wife is actually lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive so he has a lot of experience with accommodating requests. They also ask when you make reservations if you have any special dietary requirements even. Not only did Chef Chris seem passionate about the food they served, but so did Steve (owner). He seems like someone who truly cares about putting out a quality product and is happy to be a part of St. Louis.

More About Nadoz

If you are here in St. Louis, or come for a visit, I would highly recommend visiting Nadoz Café or Vino Nadoz. I was really impressed with everything they had to offer. You can get hours, directions, menus, and more info about them in a variety of places:

A huge thanks again to Nadoz Café and Vino Nadoz for providing us a chance to try out some of their delicious offerings and to find out what makes them so unique here in St. Louis. I will be back!

If you are in St. Louis have you been to any of their locations? What did you think? If you are not in St. Louis, would you try them if you came to town on a trip?

Disclosure: As noted we received free samples at this event. The opinions are entirely my own. I was happy to write about my positive experience!