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March is National Craft Month and I have an easy project for everyone to celebrate. I have three cats, Peaches, Lottie, and Ozzie, and they love warm and cozy places to nap. Somewhere online at some point I saw the idea of these easy no-sew fleece pet pillows and thought my cats would love them. I was right!

This is a great project for adults and kids, probably 8 or 9 and up. It would be great for a scout troop project too since so many have pets or know of someone with pets. Make a cat pillow, dog pillow, or whatever kind of pet pillow you need.

You can find fleece in a huge assortment of patterns and colors. I bought mine at Jo-Ann’s when it was 50% off. They had some fleece that seemed thicker and plusher than others, but I just used the least expensive for this project.

no-sew fleece pillow supplies

You only need a few supplies for this project:

  • Fleece – I used 3/4 yard for my pillow. This is folded in half on the bolt and it was the perfect size for my cats. If you have larger animals you would obviously need to buy a larger piece of fleece.
  • Polyester Fiberfill – I used about half of this large bag for one pillow which is loose, but my cats like soft more than firm. Adjust how much stuffing based on your pets needs/likes.
  • Yardstick
  • Scissors

no-sew fleece pillow instructions

no-sew fleece pillow instructions

Just keep the fleece folded in half (like it comes off the bolt). Cut through the folded edge to make it into two pieces. If there is a printed edge, trim that off as well. Make sure the two pieces are the same size and keep them one on top of the other.

Now you are going to cut strips around the perimeter of the fleece, both layers. The strips should be about 1” apart and from 3” to 4” long. The longer the strips are the easier they are to tie so if younger kids are making this or those with dexterity issues in their hands use the longer measurement. Now, if you are a perfectionist feel free to mark off your cuts and measure them all out exactly BUT it really is not necessary. I eyeballed my cuts and they were not all straight and they were not all exactly the same length. You can see the end product still turned out fine.

my cats are supervising me making the fleece pet pillow

Peaches and Ozzie (he’s the black cat behind Peaches) were checking out what I was doing. Lottie had just gotten chased off because she was trying to lay on it too soon!

fleece pillow craft instructions

fleece pillow craft instructions

fleece pillow craft instructions

fleece pillow craft instructions

In the corner you are going to actually cut off where the strips intersect – just a small square/rectangle. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

After you get the strips cut all the way around the fleece it is time to start knotting. Simple take the upper and lower strip and tie them into a knot – just like how you start when you tie your shoes. I did it two times for each set of strips. Go around three full sides of the fleece with the knots and then do two or three on each end of the fourth side also. Do not worry that your fabric is puckered a bit at all.

stuff the pillow before completing the ties

Now start stuffing! Fill it as loose or as full as you think your pet will like it. Once you have it stuffed then you will finish knotting the strips on that open fourth side you used to stuff it.

Completed no-sew fleece pillow

You are finished! Let your pets investigate and then enjoy the comfy cozy fleece pet pillow you loving made for them! It took me about an hour to make this one – the knotting is the longest part – but not hard. This project is incredibly easy and all levels of crafters should be able to easily complete it. I have to get busy making the other two so that all three of my cats have their own now!

What do you think? Will you try this project? Who will you make it for?