peopleThis week I wanted to talk about the importance of supporting your peers. For those of us in blogging and social media, our accomplishments, accolades, and even the opportunities from brands it is usually all very public. After all, we are in the business of social media. Being supportive of your peers is crucial for a number of reasons.

  1. Community Reputation
    PR and brands are right out here in the blogosphere and social networks with us. Some of them are pretty quiet, but trust me they are there watching and reading. If you are being rude, mean, nasty, unsupportive, or outwardly jealous towards your peers it sheds a negative light on our community as a whole. The community, especially the parenting bloggers, have had to work hard to show that we are professional. It is crucial that we keep working hard to maintain the respect we have achieved.
  2. Your Reputation
    Sadly I have seen, heard, and read things from several in our community that have been negative towards others. This impacts their own personal reputation also. Because I also work helping brands find other bloggers to work with at times, those who have attacked others are not ones I suggest – EVER! If they are that bold in their negativity towards peers I cannot trust that they might not do the same with a brand if something does not go their way. I think we all have heard some stories of bloggers who started trashing a brand over a ridiculously small thing.
  3. You Get What You Give
    Call it whatever you like, but I am a firm believer in that the way you treat others is the way you are treated in return. It does not mean you have to love all your peers or even agree with the methods they use in their business, what it does mean is that you need to still be cordial, offer your opinion in a tactful way, and to know when to just keep your mouth closed.

This business has given many of us some fabulous opportunities to be guests of brands on fun trips, receive various perks or compensation, and other great things. While you may be envious of something a peer has received or gone, that does not mean you have to be disrespectful or say “why did they pick her?” There have been many projects and trips that my peers have gone on that I would have loved but I was not asked. That did not make me any less happy for my peers who were asked. I am thrilled for them and the fact that brands appreciate our value. There is plenty of opportunity out there for all of us – I know even though I may not have been asked to participate in this event, there will still be another one soon that I will be asked about. No sour grapes folks!

Let’s raise each other up. Be proud of each other’s work. Be happy that we have created a community of peers that are so influential. And just smile and be nice!