Pi Day is March 14

Today is Pi Day! Are you celebrating with some fun creative math? Or how about celebrating pi with pie? Along with the fun of Pi Day, today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday!


For those who may have forgotten, pi is a mathematical number. It is written in numerical form as 3.14 most of the time. This is an abbreviated version though as pi is actually an infinite number that goes on and on and on. Most of us were probably introduced to pi in geometry when we learned that the area of a circle formula is pi times the radius squared.

  • Need a joke for Pi Day? Here is one from John Evans.
    Q. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
    A. Pumpkin Pi
  • Want to smell sexy and smart? Givenchy makes a men’s cologne called Pi
  • The highest number of digits of pi found so far are 1.24 trillion digits! (from Philosophy of Mathematics: A Contemporary Introduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures)
  • The Rhind Papyrus is one of the earliest known written records of pi by Egyptian Ahmes from 1650 BC. (from Keys to Infinity)
  • Feeling musical? How about this version of the classic song “American Pi” for today?

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm Wurttemberg, Germany and passed away in 1955. I think it is fair to call him “King of All Geeks” in a very positive way! I am fascinated by this man and would have loved to have met him. He just seems so interesting from what I have read and watched about him, both personally and professionally. Today would have marked his 134th birthday. I wonder what Mr. Einstein would think about the advances in the world since his passing. You can learn much more about Einstein at the Einstein Archives Online.

marie callenders chicken pot pie

Now to celebrate Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday let’s have some pie!

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Now if you have more time you could also get creative and make this Pi Pie!

Pi Pie


Do you have any fun facts about pi? How about Albert Einstein? Will you be celebrating today’s special events with pie?



Disclosure: I am compensated by Marie Callender’s. Opinions are my own.