Crispy Turkey Pepperoni Chips

As I have mentioned before, protein is a high priority in my diet these days. However, I do still crave certain types of food sometimes – especially chips. Carbs are not the best thing for me to have though all the time. I had found a pin about pepperoni chips and thought I would try to make them. This was another Pinterest triumph! I was so surprised how much I liked the crispy turkey pepperoni chips and they were a great substitution for chips for me.

Now these are not an eat every day snack, but if you are having a strong craving for something with some crunch and a lot of flavor this is something to try occasionally. The biggest problem is the sodium content at 640mg per serving – that’s a lot of salt – but then again chips have a lot too. Just be mindful about this.

The best way to describe this snack is like a piece of thin crispy and very spicy bacon. They really do have a satisfying flavor and texture. You can eat them alone but they would also be great to crumble up on a salad, in some scrambled eggs, or even on some soup.




Crispy Turkey Pepperoni Chips

  • 1 serving of turkey pepperoni slices (about 17 slices)
  • Paper towels

Fold over a few layers of paper towels and then lay out the turkey pepperoni in a single layer on it. I used Hormel Turkey Pepperoni and am happy with the flavor. You can use regular pepperoni, but the nutritional info would change dramatically. Check the back of the packages and compare the two types. Now place the pepperoni in the microwave and cook for about 2 minutes. You may need to add or subtract a little time based on the power of your microwave. You may want to stop and move the inner pieces to the edge during cooking so that they all get crispy also. That’s it! Below you can see that some of the fat has actually been pulled off of the chips by the paper towel even. They are nice and crispy and ready to snack on!

Crispy Turkey Pepperoni Chips

Have you ever tried turkey pepperoni chips or regular pepperoni chips before?



Disclosure: None, this is just a recipe I wanted to try and the brand is what I normally buy in regular pepperoni for pizza (before my surgery).