Be Informational, Not ConfrontationalThis weekend there has been a new drama online about KFC’s kids meals. KFC invited several bloggers and their children to an event and they were promoting their updated kids meals. Then as the attendees started sharing on social media the drama started when those who are not fans of KFC (or fast food in general) jumped in too.

I have seen this type of thing happen before in social media. I appreciate that social media gives everyone a voice. What I dislike though is when people are being attacked. It is not generally a direct “Blogger Mary is stupid and a bad mom for feeding her kids XYZ Brand”. Instead you see generalized attacks about how gullible and uneducated bloggers who listen to the corporations must be or that even if they do know things they do not care because they got a free trip or free stuff. This bothers me tremendously.

What I would rather see is those who are opposed to something be kind and informational, not confrontational. I get that there are many who are passionate about healthy foods and I appreciate that – but instead of bashing something instead share on your social networking channels what you feel are better choices. If you do not like what KFC puts on their chicken, offer your alternative recipe on your blog. If you are concerned about additives in food, share your resources about those additives to inform others.

All of us want to have healthy food in general, although most are okay with an occasional splurge. I am one of these people that has been overweight for many years and it is something I am now working on – BUT there is a lot to learn. Like many, I learn best when information is presented in a positive way rather than reading so many negative things. I am always happy to read blogs that do this and I am learning as I go.

I am not perfect, I’m sure I could go back through my blog and find some posts that might not be so great. But we all learn and grow and try to be the best people we can be each day hopefully. Let’s just all try to be kinder to each other and be informational rather than confrontational.