Disclosure: I am a member of the Windows Champions team and the Microsoft Surface Ambassadors which provides me certain benefits. The opinions are totally my own. I have not been compensated to write about or review these apps.

Windows 8 Apps for Preschoolers | Robyns.World

Windows 8 is the operating system I use on my computers and Surface tablet now as you know. I thought today I would share some of the apps for the younger kids that are available. Even though my son is grown, my little nephew Colby visits and I like to have options for him to play with. Kids particularly love touch screen devices and these apps make the most of them. All of these screenshots were taken of the apps on my Surface RT. I have also played the games on my laptop.

Intellijoy Kids Shapes Preschool App for Windows 8

This app is all about shapes. First the kids can work on learning shapes by being shown the shape on a rotating block. On the block it first shows and says the name of the shape. Then you spin the block to see photos of real items made with that shape. For example with the oval you will see real photos of a stone, egg, and photo frame in oval shapes. Some of the items are a little odd, but the point is made. In Find Shapes photos of multiple real objects are shown and they are asked to pick the correct shape. There is a clear voice (male) that talks to the kids as they play the games. Very simple game, but again it is for preschoolers just learning shapes. The Kids Shapes Preschool app is free in the Windows Store.





Toddler Touch and Drag App for Windows 8

This was actually my favorite app of the three I’m sharing today. It is Toddler Touch and Drag and the kids simply use their finger to drag the shape into the outline. It is great for working on their fine motor skills. Very simplistic, but very effective. This game is also free in the Windows Store.



My Coloring Pages App for Windows 8

This app provides line drawings for kids to color in. There is a wide variety of colors and brush sizes to select from. The My Coloring Pages app is free in the Windows Store with several free pictures and you can also purchase additional sets of line drawings if you like. Creations can easily be saved and re-opened later to continue to work on them and they can be shared and printed.




Have you tried any of these Windows 8 apps for your little ones?