Facebook cover photos – those big ones at the top of your Facebook page are 851×315 pixels in size. You can easily make our own images in Paint, Fresh Paint, PicMonkey, Photoshop, and other programs. If you click this blank image below it will open up to full size of 851×315 and you can start with that as your blank if you need one – or you can go to “NEW” in most programs and enter the dimensions and create a new one that way.


Facebook Cover Photo Blank 851x315 pixels

Click to open and save this blank image if you need it.

Once you have your base you can do anything you like (within Facebook’s TOS). You can make a collage of your favorite photos on PicMonkey pretty easily, you can create a fun creation of your own with cool textures and colors in Fresh Paint, and really do anything you like.

Once you are done, save your image – remember where you have saved it on your computer. Then go to Facebook and to your page. In the lower right of your cover photo hover over and click CHANGE COVER, then select UPLOAD PHOTO and navigate to the location you saved your new image. Select it and press OK and there you have it – a new custom cover photo anytime you want it!

What’s on your cover photo? How often do you change it?