Appreciate Your PeersI am back at home after a trip where I was able to spend several days with some of my peers in the blogging community. This trip was wonderful in many ways, but one of the best things that I think these women truly appreciated each other, both personally and professionally.

This appreciation is key because when you appreciate something you generally are not envying or being jealous of it. While you may want to also be successful like a peer, the appreciation of what they have accomplished is more giving of yourself rather than trying to take what they have.

These women truly amaze me with their accomplishments. It is not that any of them are perfect at social media or perfect as mothers, wives, or anything in their personal lives. Their accomplishments most definitely include the fact that they have a realization that they are not perfect themselves and are accepting of it. Rather than being down on themselves most of the time they are able to take those unperfect moments and see them as opportunities to learn and grow instead. If they forgot to send in juice for their second graders class party – it is okay – instead of beating themselves up they apologize to the people as needed and then find a way to better manage those tasks in the future. If a blog post causes a lot of negative attention, for whatever reason, they try to understand why and learn from that.

Surrounding yourself with your peers that you appreciate becomes a huge positive for you as well. Those qualities you appreciate in others are positive and help you be more comfortable in your skin so that you have that same confidence in yourself. While all the women I attended this event with have some great skills in social media and our work overlaps often, it does not mean we can all do the same thing. Some of them are great at speaking, others are incredible writers, some are technical genius’ – but that is the great that. We can appreciate our peers for our similarities and differences.

Do you appreciate your peers?