One of the surprises in Seattle was visiting the headquarters! (Disclosure: I received this trip as part of my work with Microsoft and Windows – opinions are my own) I have been a user of AllRecipes for years. We had a great time learning about tech related items and of course, food! We were welcomed with open arms and even received a small goodie bag!

Windows Phone and AllRecipes Event

So excited to visit the headquarters!    a fun goodie bag
Did you know that AllRecipes has a mobile app called DinnerSpinner? It is available for Windows Phones along with Android, iPhones, and Kind Fires. To be honest I had tried their app when it was first released and was not a fan, but they have added quite a lot of function to it and it is much better now. I’m hoping that they will be adding the ability to login to your actual AllRecipes account to the app soon too.

They now also have tons of videos showing how to make recipes. I had not looked at these before, but I was really impressed with the ones they showed us at the event. Videos are a great way of learning certain techniques in cooking I think.

We did cook while we were there. First up was a Mojito – which I love – but it is not really on my list of great choices for my weight loss right now so I skipped this part. Next up was modifying a recipe for a Cherry FoldItUp to make an Apple FoldItUp instead. They demonstrated how to make the dough (ez pz) for us but then had several doughs prepared for all of us to use to save time. Then we mixed up the apples and goodies for the inside, folded it up, a little sprinkle of sugar and in the oven they went. I have to say my table’s (myself, Jennifer James of  Mom Bloggers Club, Carrie McLaren of Carrie with Children, and Louise Bishop of MomStart) finished product looked gorgeous I thought.

We made apple folditovers at

While this looked so delicious, I did skip tasting this item also because of my current diet needs. Everyone else seemed to really love it – especially the dough! You could use any fruit you wanted in this recipe. And don’t worry, it is supposed to look “rustic” (aka kind of messy) so no perfect pie crust needed!Making crab cakes at headquarters

the crabcakes were delightful at
Next we made McCormick Cranberry-Sage Mini Crab Cakes.  The cranberry was a nice twist to these crab cakes and I think I will make them again when we have company. They cook in a skillet, but the tip Cory of AllRecipes gave us was to cook them ahead of time and then hold them in a warm oven for when your guests arrive. These were very moist and fresh in flavor.
Fun trying rice paper!

It was super delicious


my very first spring roll!

Our final dish was Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls and they were my favorite! These were fantastic and fairly healthy too. It was the first time I have used rice paper – it is stiff and then you put it in hot water for a few seconds and it becomes pliable. We filled it with shrimp, noodles, and herbs and rolled it up. There was also a very simple dipping sauce with peanuts in it. Aren’t they pretty? I have already bought ingredients to make these myself at home!

Sampling our spring rolls just made at the AllRecipes event

Here Carrie and I are enjoying tasting our spring roll creations. Yes, you can see I have my Windows Phone in hand as usual – it is possible to eat a spring roll and tweet at the same time in case you were wondering.

A huge thanks to the Windows Phone team and for this event. By the way, all of the photos in this post (except the 1st and last) were taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone!

Do you use AllRecipes site? What about their app on your Windows Phone or other device?