Walt Disney World is a magical place and tons of fun. I truly mean that. However, my story today is a little bit different. I am here for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference (also fabulous) and at the moment I am writing this I am feeling more melancholy than anything.

Walt Disney World

I came to this event myself, without Hubby or T. The last time we were in Walt Disney World together was 2000. T was just 5 years old back then. My memories of that trip are truly wonderful. We just all loved the magic of Disney and had such a great family experience. Now normally going on a trip alone does not impact me negatively at all, but this one has and I think it is because I am seeing most everyone else here with their families and making those same kinds of magical family memories that I have. I do not want in any way to begrudge my peers (and the thousands of other people here) that experience of making memories – the opposite really – I truly wish everyone can have it! What is happening to me is that I am sad that the “mommy” part of my life is essentially done. Yes, I am still a mom of course, but my son is 18 and that is just very different than having little ones. “Empty nest” is probably what this most closely resembles.

Myself, Hubby, and T in Walt Disney World in 2000

This feeling of life change has been with me for a while now but seeing others enjoying their small children this weekend has really brought my emotions to the surface. Yes, I have shed a few tears the last few days. Part of me has loved seeing the kids all having such a wonderful time and seeing the parents happiness of seeing the joy in their own children’s faces. Those little looks of amazement from the kids is just fantastic. The parents being so happy too, even through the lines and crowds is just fantastic. I remember that feeling and I think I wish I just still had more time to make more of those memories or just go back in time for a little while. Is that something Disney Magic can do for me?

Of course, I know the answer is no and I really do understand that while one part of my life is in the past I still have so many amazing things to look forward to. I am also incredibly lucky to have all the wonderful memories that I do. So while I am here I am trying to just let the feelings happen and allow myself to process them. It is part of life. It is not the end of the world. It will be okay.

For those of you still with young children please cherish the short time you have with them. It truly goes by in a flash. Treasure those memories that you make with them.

And Mickey, do not worry, I know how magical your house is and I will be returning soon with my Hubby at least to make even more magical memories, but just in a different way. Even though I have felt sad some of the time this visit I did still appreciate the magic of you and all the cast members as always.

Are you in the same stage of life as me or have you already been through it? Any advice or tips?