Windows 8

For Tech Tuesday I thought I would try a quick video tutorial today. When I went on a trip for Microsoft recently we had bloggers who were very comfortable with Windows 8 and some new to it. Finding the settings for the various Windows 8 apps was something a few did not understand so I thought I would share how easy it is.

If you still are unsure after watching the video, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to help.

See, it is easy! Just remember when you want to change things within a Windows 8 app to go to the upper right hand corner of your screen to have the Charms menu open up and then go down to settings to bring up the menu you need.

Did you know that the Settings Charm would be different in each app?

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Hi this is Robyn of and I want to do a quick tutorial on the charms settings in Windows 8 today. So this is my regular desktop, it is not touch-enabled, I’m using my mouse. If you go up to the upper right hand corner your Charms drop down and if you click on settings it takes you to your control panel, personalization, all those kind of things. But, if you would like to go and look at some other things, um, if you go into Start and then click on let’s say USA Today, when that app comes up, I go back to that same upper right hand corner. The charms come up again and I click settings and this time the settings are for the app I’m in which is USA Today. So there is contact, terms of service. Permissions and options are the ones you’re going to use most often. So you see permissions on this one, you can, it wants to know if it can allow your location or notifications or not. Other apps that you might want to use this in…so if I go in to the Twitter app. Again, go to the upper right hand corner, go down to settings and you have options. So when you click on Options they give you lots of settings for the program that you are in, the app that you’re in. This is what we used to do directly in our programs that we used but now in Windows 8 you’re going to that charm in the upper right hand corner and doing settings this time.