5 Ways to Find Topics for Blog Posts

We all feel stuck a bit sometimes on topics for a post. For some of us keeping some ideas and an editorial calendar handy can get us past that stuck, but sometimes it just does not seem to work. Really open up your eyes and ears to the world around you though for more ideas for your blog posts.

An example of this just happened a few minutes ago (and inspired this post). I was tweeting with @nerdmom and @leighbra and we were talking about getting out and doing things in your own local area. I am in St. Louis and there is oodles of things to do here in my area and a lot of free things even. Both @nerdmom and @leighbra are out on the west coast and they have great things too, but @nerdmom was saying she has not really done a lot of things. As we tweeted I thought what a great idea for a post, how to find things to do locally for fun. That of course leads to writing posts about the things you do locally as well and you could make a series of it, talk about things for families with little ones, families with teens, things for singles, things for young adults, free events, and on and on. For me, one idea usually snowballs like that into many. Where it actually took me to today was this post. It is Wednesday and I needed to write a post for Work Wednesday. So I went with sharing about getting post ideas based on the post idea I had from the conversation on Twitter! Don’t you love how it all flows together?

5 Ways to Find Topics for Blog Content

  1. Conversations with Friends
    Just as in my real life example above. Jump on Twitter, Facebook, the phone (you remember that thing you talk into), or even talk to folks face to face. Did someone have a question, problem, experience that you all talked about? Can you think of a way to incorporate that into a blog post?
  2. Old Photos
    Take a walk down memory lane and look at old family photos – you know pre-digital even. Do any of them stand out and spark a specific story you could share? Scan your favorite old photos into digital format to have on hand to inspire posts. Readers generally love memory posts like that I have found. Find a photo of you with a classic toy at about your child’s age, now take a photo of your child with their same toy and compare how you all play with them.
  3. Current News
    Do a quick scan of the headlines and your favorite sections of news to see if anything catches your eye. You obviously do not want to do the same story, but you can give your thoughts and opinions about it or share a how-to or some related experience. An example right now is the Angelina Jolie story in the news about your double mastectomy and upcoming ovary removal because she tested positive for BRCA1. How do you feel about her radical approach? Have you been tested or want to be? Do you worry what insurance companies will do with genetic testing results and future coverage? Do you think the media is over-hyping this because it is Angelina Jolie? There are tons of avenues you can take based on that news item.
  4. Share a Problem or Question
    Our readers and followers are full of fabulous answers and advice on an endless range of subjects. While we tend to share our suggestions and answers with them often, turn it around and you ask this time. Ask for your readers advice on a problem or the best way to do something. Not only will you get help, but your readers will be engaged and help strengthen your community. It is a win-win situation! For me as I am loosing weight I am realizing that I am clueless on how to be stylish as I get new clothes. I will be asking for help on all my social media channels on this.
  5. Free Association
    Look around where you are sitting. Pick out one thing, it does not matter what. It could be a Post-It note, a furball, a doll, the couch, an empty box, anything. Now either with pen and paper or on your computer, although I think pen and paper works best for this. Write down that item and just do some free association for 3 or 4 minutes. Wherever your brain goes, write it down. Even doodles are good to put on the paper. There are no right or wrong ways to do this. Just let your brain loose. After the time is up go back and look at what you have done and chances are you will find something to blog about from that!

Do you ever get stuck finding ideas for content? How do you find inspiration? Have you tried any of the suggestions above?