Infographic - Weekly Feature Each Saturday on Robyns.WorldHappy Summer, it has officially started. I thought a summer infographic would be fun this week.

While many love to get away for a summer vacation, we still can spend a lot of time in our own backyards enjoying the warm weather. This infographic shows you to create the ideal backyard. We have a really small yard, but our next house we are planning on buying with have at least an acre or two of land so I am hoping to go all out and add a pool and all sorts of great things then. Hubby wants a tiki bar even!

Along with the items they show below, I would also add that you need some sort of outdoor speaker system. You can get the kind that stay outside or look at the Bluetooth enabled speakers like the Jawbone Jambox or the RadioShack Auvio. This makes it nice to listen to music while enjoying your backyard.