Flag being rode around at the rodeo during National Anthem

I am still up at the lake right now and relaxing. Friday night I went to my first rodeo ever, The Mark Twain Lake Outlaw Rodeo. It was pretty cool. This is not a big time rodeo, but a smaller one. Kind of like the difference between going to a local dirt race track to watch the late models vs. watching an official NASCAR race. Both are equally fun, but in different ways.

The rodeo took place by the dam in the recreation areas they have. It is not far from our lake house at all. Right before we left the house the rains started. Once we had parked at the rodeo it lightened up and we figured it was past. WRONG! A few minutes later the skies let loose and it was raining bucketfuls again plus blowing even. Luckily there is a big pavilion in the beer garden so we took shelter there. The rains let up just before it was time for the rodeo to start. So our butts got wet on the bleachers, but that was all. Tennis shoes are out of place at the rodeo, I need cowgirl boots

I felt a bit out of place without some cowboy boots, or cowgirl boots actually. Plus I felt I needed a cowboy hat too. My tennis shoes seemed a bit out of place. Many years ago I actually did have some cool boots, my favorite were red python boots. Then when I gained weight they did not fit anymore. Now that I am losing weight my calves are getting a bit smaller again and I think I will be buying new cowgirl boots. I saw these at the rodeo – what do you think?

One thing I was not expecting was the amount of talking the emcee did during the rodeo. This man was good at his job, but geez he never shut up. While I understand that is his job, the distraction causes you to miss several of the riders since they go so quick. I don’t know if this is the norm at a rodeo or not, but I’ll know for next time. He did mention sponsors, a lot. Not a bad thing, but kind of funny like when NASCAR racers rattle off a whole list of sponsors of their car when being interviewed.

Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - MissouriMark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - MissouriMark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

There were a couple of categories that involved the cowboys and cowgirls catching calves. While they are interesting to watch, I felt bad for the little calves being caught with the lasso and tied up. The team category in this was the most interesting to watch, but also made me feel the worst for the calves as they get lassoed around the neck and around the back legs! For that tag team event the calves did have these little protective head gear things on at least.

Calves at Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - MissouriCalves at Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

The barrel racing was exciting to watch. It was just girls that did this, is that traditional? They come racing out and have to go around three barrels and then a fast run back to start. It really seemed like even the horses wanted to go fast!

Bucking Broncos Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

The bucking broncos and bull riding go super fast, but are fun to watch. It was interesting that if a rider stayed on a couple of seconds then we all started yelling “hang on, hang on!” This sport really sucks you in fast to being involved in what is happening. Sadly, we had reminders of how dangerous it is also. Three of the bull riders were injured. One had to be taken out on a board, one was knocked out but came too and was able to walk out of ring with help of others, and another landed on his neck and was hurt. I am hoping they are all okay. Some of the riders, in all the categories, wore cowboy hats, and others wore helmets. I guess it is the rider’s choice?

Bull at Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

Mark Twain Lake Rodeo - Missouri

On an extra note, see what that man is carrying in the photo below? No, not the little girl, in the other hand. NACHOS! Oh man! They had an entire “Nacho Hut” stand and people were walking by me all night with those sinfully delicious, but oh-so-bad-for-you, nachos. You know the kind, the round super salty tortilla chips and the ooey gooey spicy cheese. I really, really, really wanted some, but I knew I should not and I was strong and did not eat any of them. They smelled so freaking good though!

nachos at the rodeo

We had a really fun time at the rodeo and I think I would be happy to attend more of them in the future. The only negatives were that just a couple of the jokes they told I felt were not appropriate and I could have lived with the long prayer at the beginning of the show. None of that was a deal breaker though.

Have you ever been to a rodeo? What do you think of them?