Our home garden - Farmer Hubby

Farmer Hubby, notice he shaved off his Duck Dynasty beard finally, and our little garden. He really wants to be a real farmer, but for now this has to do.

Our home garden - green beans

Looks like green beans will be on the menu soon, fresh from the garden!

Our home garden - jalapeno

Is this not the cutest little jalapeno you’ve ever seen? I love it! If you look behind it a bit you can see an even tinier one, but it doesn’t have that curve.

Our home garden - grape tomatoes

Grape tomatoes! I’m going to be able to pluck them off and put them in my salads soon. We are growing lettuce too.

Our home garden - cucumbers

The cucumbers are getting ready too. Farmer Hubby wants to make his own homemade pickles this year.

Our home garden - corn

And here is the corn! We won’t have a lot, but I bet it will be delicious!

Do you have a home garden? What do you grow in it?