Saving Money on Lunch Meat with FoodSaver

Hubby is guest posting today! He wants to share with you all how he saves money on his lunch meat with his FoodSaver. Please note this photo was taken before he finally shaved off the Duck Dynasty beard last week! Happy, Happy, Happy!

Hubby bought a salami to slice himself and save money over the sliced stuff at deli

For lunch I like hard salami sandwiches with Colby Jack cheese and mayo on white bread. When the wife buys hard salami at the grocery store deli, pre-sliced, it costs $8.99 per pound. Ridiculous. At Sam’s Club I found a large stick of Il Primo Hard Salami for a lot cheaper. A bell went off in my head – I have a meat slicer at home and I have my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer so I can buy this big piece of salami, slice it up myself, package it, and save money.

Using your own meat slicer you can slice the salami as thick or thin as you like

My wife’s Uncle Steve gave me this meat slicer. This is a very old, and pretty worn out, but I was able to see if I would really use a meat slicer if I had one. I will have to invest in a new meat slicer, this one has pretty much run its course.

Hard salami, sliced

I am not the best picture taker when I am working so ignore the blur (Robyn’s note – he needs to hold his hand still when taking pictures). This is the entire stick of hard salami sliced. Having my own meat slicer, I could vary the thickness of the slices as much as I wanted.

FoodSaver - cut the bags to size  
FoodSaver - cut the bags to size

The FoodSaver has a place to store the roll of bag material. You simply pull out as much as you need to make the size of bag you want. Then you slide the cutter across the bag to cut it to size.

FoodSaver - cut the bags to size
FoodSaver - seal the perfect sized bag  
After you cut the bag you end up with a “tube” that is open on both ends. You need to seal one end with the FoodSaver to create a bag. Slide one of the open ends into the FoodSaver and press the SEAL button and melts that end of the bag closed.

Label the FoodSaver bag before you put the food inside

I use a Sharpie and label the bag with the product and date that I bagged it. The FoodSaver bags have a writable strip just for labeling. It is much easier to label the bag before you put in the food since you can lie it flat.

FoodSaver - vacuum and seal the bags

FoodSaver - vacuum and seal the bags   
Put the sliced hard salami in the bag. Don’t overstuff the bag so that you can pull the open end of the bag taught with no wrinkles and place into the opening of the FoodSaver. If you have your bags too full they won’t vacuum and seal properly. Insert the open end into the FoodSaver, lower the bar to hold the bag in place, and simply press the Vacuum & Seal button.

The finished product - hard salami sliced and vacuumed sealed

FoodSaver The finished product - hard salami sliced and vacuumed sealed 
The FoodSaver will then automatically vacuum all the air out of the bag and seal it and turn off itself. Lift up the bar and remove the bag. The instructions that come with the FoodSaver are really good explaining all of this.

After sealing up all of my bags, I put one bag in the fridge for this weeks lunches. The rest I put in the freezer to take out as needed. Using the meat slicer and FoodSaver saved me about $20 or so.

I bought the FoodSaver about 8 months ago and I have used it often enough that it has paid for itself. Since Robyn had her weight loss surgery she eats much smaller portions of things and so I have used the FoodSaver to portion small amounts of food for her that she can quickly grab out of the freezer and cook for lunch.

There are a ton of accessories for the FoodSaver. I just have small and large bags and some of the bowls that you can vacuum seal also. There is a cool marinade bowl where you put the meat and marinade in and vacuum it and it speeds up the process of marinating. This would be great for my grilling. The other day I saw there is also a tool that is handheld and battery operated to re-evacuate the air from the FoodSaver bowls when you are out and about.

I plan on guest blogging more about the FoodSaver here on Robyn’s blog. What kind of uses of the FoodSaver would you like me to share with you in future posts?