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Lots of us use candles, air fresheners, fresh flowers, room sprays and other things to make our house smell nice. Usually we do not really want it to smell like something else, we just do not want to smell some of the things that are in our house. At my house it is the cat smell. I adore my cats, and even with scooping the cat box daily, sometimes they are just smellier than others (are you singing Smelly Cat now?). It used to be smoke too, but I quit over 10 years ago and no one else is allowed to smoke in our house anymore either. Then there is cooking, particular cooking garlic. Garlic is the best thing ever and it smells wonderful while it is cooking and it tastes tremendous when you eat it but frankly after the meal is over that lingering garlic scent is not the most pleasant. None of those things make our homes smell “fresh as a daisy”.

Mom It Forward asked me to work on a campaign to review and share about 3M Filtrete Filters. (Disclosure: I received a year’s worth of filters in order to work on this campaign. Opinions are my own.) I actually already was a fan of the Filtrete products, but I had not ever tried their new Odor Reduction filter so I was anxious to try it out.

old furnace filter

A big thing about the Filtrete Filters is that they are expensive. At least expensive compared to the cheapo furnace filters most of us grew up with and have used which are about $1 each. The Filtrete Filter Odor Reduction has a suggested retail price of $15.99. The other Filtrete Filters are in that same area as well. I am telling you this first because I think it is significant and I know Hubby is one of those who says “it’s not worth that much” when he is with me at the store. I totally disagree with him and I can see the difference when we use the Filtrete Filters rather than the cheap ones. If you are unsure, just try it once, you will really notice a difference.

Ladies if you have never changed the furnace filter it is easier than changing a light bulb. Promise. If your current filter looks like the one to the left here, it is time to change it! The Odor Reduction filters have one side that is very dark gray, this is the activated carbon that helps with the odor.

3M Filtrete Filters Odor Reduction

The 3M Filtrete Filters last about 3 months, instead of just 1 month like the cheap ones. Now regardless of how long they last, I am forgetful. 3M gives you a little spot to write the date on the filter, but frankly I don’t open the door on the furnace/air conditioner except to change the filter so I would not see that.

3M Filtrete Filters Odor Reduction

So 3M also puts a little sticker on the package of the filters that you can write when the change should be done and you peel it off and stick it anywhere. Your calendar, outside of furnace door, etc. What works best for me is their Clean Advantage Club which will send me a reminder and sometimes coupons and stuff too.

3M Filtrete Filters Odor Reduction

You will also see an arrow on your filter. This is the way it should face when you slide it in. The air should be going in the same direction as the arrow. For most, it is going to be pointing down, mine does. The size (16x20x1 in my pic) is the size your furnace/air conditioner takes. Just look at your current filter to know which size replacement to buy.

Open the door to your furnace/air conditioner (where the blower is) and simply pull out the old filter and slide the new filter in. Close the door. You’re done! See, isn’t that easier than a light bulb?

This is my first time using the Filtrete Filter Odor Reduction, so I will let you know in a couple of months how it worked for us. Or, of course, if you come to my house take a deep breath and let me know yourself.

3M Filtrete Filters Odor Reduction

You can find out more about all the different varieties of the 3M Filtrete Filters on the website. Also follow @Filtrete on Twitter and like the Filtrete Filters page on Facebook.

Have you tried any of the 3M Filtrete Filters yourself already?