Do you know how far 10,000 steps is? Well, I knew it was a lot, but it is about 5 miles! Wowza! I’m still glad I applied and was selected though for the #OmronPedometer 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge with Mamavation (Disclosure: I am being compensated to work on this campaign but opinions are my own.)

omronpedometer challenge

While I am in the process of losing weight, remember I just hit my 100 pounds lost mark last week, and I feel much better but I do still up my exercise. That is why I applied for the challenge actually. This gives me some accountability in my exercise since I have to report my numbers via a pic of the Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer every day!

July 31 was day one and while I did not hit the 10,000 step goal, I am still damn proud of myself for the 5,071 steps I did walk! That is a lot of steps for me and I’m owning it and giving myself a big pat on the back for it.

#OmronPedometer #Mamavation Day 1 steps

Just like with my eating habits, I am learning that regardless of what I do NOT do, it is still okay to be proud of what you did do! I’m a work in progress and while I may be shrinking physically I am growing as a whole person through this entire process. Some days my journey is harder than others, some days I still screw up and make a bad food choice, some days I am not as active as I should be – but this year I’ve had far fewer of those days and a lot more of the days I make healthier choices and am owning my responsibility to be healthy! This is why I share with you all about the process too – I know it helps to hear of others doing what we fear doing. Baby steps are okay – just start with what you can!

There are 15 of us who are taking part in the challenge – of all different fitness levels too – so please follow along with all of us. We will be sharing on our blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Watch for the #OmronPedometer hashtag!

  1. Kenlie of All the Weigh as @alltheweigh
  2. Jennifer Drummond of Peanut Butter and Peppers as @JenatPB
  3. Brandy O’Neill of Nutmeg Nanny as @NutmegNanny
  4. Skye Moyer of Real Mom Reviews as @RealMomReviews
  5. Melanie Walsh of Simply Being Mommy as @simplybeingmom
  6. Amber Pilcher of Beautifully BellaFaith as @littleamberfate
  7. Paige Wolf of Spit That Out as @paigewolf
  8. Alicia Voorhies of The Soft Landing as @thesoftlanding
  9. Nicole Bangerter of Mom Always Finds Out as @skipbang
  10. Robyn Wright of Robyn’s Online World as @RobynsWorld <—-That’s me!
  11. Sarah Stanley of Sarah Stanley Inspired Living as @SarahStanley
  12. Deborah McConnell of Scattered Musings of a Creative Mind as @Scatteredmusing
  13. Candy Olivares of Candypolooza as @Candypo
  14. Jessica Blankenship of Stylish Southern Mama as @Aidanadisynsmom
  15. June Ash Moore of Simply Junebug as @SimplyJunebug

Huge thanks to Leah @Bookieboo of Mamavation and the folks at Omron Fitness for letting me be a part of this program. I can’t wait to see where I am at when we reach day 30!

Have you tried walking 10,000 steps in a day? How did you do? Do you wear a pedometer?