No, I’m not officially a “baby boomer”, I was born in 1970. And no, I’m not trying to age myself prematurely either. However, when I read about the B(l)oomers party by BOOMbox Network that was happening in Chicago and saw the fabulous sponsors and fabulous women who were attending I felt compelled to go. (Disclosure: I have not been compensated or required to write about this event. I’m doing so because I want to. I did receive samples of some products.) The official details said ages 45+, hmmm, I’m 43, just two years off. I really did feel though that so much of this applied to me because my son is 18 and moved out of the house (I’ll share more about that recent development later) and I am working on improving my health and appearance, and I want to stay youthful in a positive way while embracing the wisdom we all get as we age. So I asked if I could go and happily they said yes!

Before the party, on the website, they had a fun little game to find the logos of the sponsors spread out in the room where the actual event would be held. I love games and had fun playing that online but it just did not click with me that is where we would be in real life. When I got to the party at Catalyst Ranch I was thrilled that it was in that venue I had seen in the online photos! On top of that, there was another game thanks to Cranium Crunchers. They had QR codes around the room that we had to find and snap to earn points. It was a great way to get folks moving around the room. I didn’t win, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sponsors of the B(l)oomers Party

I loved that this party was not one that had tons of brand reps just standing in a booth waiting to talk to people. Some did that, but many were mingling around the party too. It was really a very nice feel. While I did not get a chance to talk to all the brands, I have all their info, some fabulous samples from the swag bag, and I will be in touch with them all so I can share more with you down the road.

A few highlights from the brands at B(l)oomers. The Wine Sisterhood was there – happy dance – and even had some Moscato for me! I loved their cocktail napkins too – Age goes better with wine! I was also happy to try out all the varieties of Altar Herbal Martinis. Now, these are actually non-alcoholic, but you can add in liquor if you like. Very unique flavors and so far fewer calories than traditional mixers. I will be ordering some of these for my home and asking my local Trader Joes and Whole Foods to carry them. Dropcam was here at the party too – I had talked to them at BlogHer, but was happy to see them again. Fatboy’s Cookie Dough had lots of little bags of cookies for us to try and they were delicious (yes, I ate cookies even on my weight loss journey). One thing I always want to be is a sewer – I’ve tried but had a machine that took an hour to thread even before. My mom is an amazing sewer, but I have not claimed that gene apparently. I bring this up because Bernina was there and they had a very cool clear machine so you could see all the parts (just for show, not for resale). I think I may have to try my hand at sewing once again, especially knowing that they have a self-threading machine! Holy cow! And the amazing Tracy Becker was there and gave us all copies of her hilarious book, Lost in Suburbia, which I started to read on the plane home and was cracking up! A must read and perfect for summer!

Wine Sisterhood - Age Goes Better with WineAltar Herbal MartinisBernina Sewing Machine - clear

boombox network logoIf you are of the boomer age and a blogger and influencer make sure you stop by the BOOMbox Network and apply to join them. I just did myself. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get accepted because I really do feel like it is a good fit for me. I know I have readers here on my blog and followers all across my social networks of all ages of course, but the things I am most passionate about always are the things that apply to me personally. You already know that though, don’t you?

And one last thing – this was the wonderful Tweet Sheet they handed out that has the info for sponsors on it in case they are brands you are interested in learning more about yourself (regardless if you blog or not).

B(l)oomers Party Sponsor Tweet Sheet

And I just had to share this photo too. This is Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister (who I adore) and one of the wonderful folks who worked at the party that night. At the end they still had a lot of cookies and beer left and always they try and get folks to take it because otherwise they have to pack it up themselves. This is the scene you see often.

Blogger nicely saying “no thank you”, vendor saying “please, have some more, it’s free, really, go ahead”.

Blogger politely refusing to take extra swag from a sponsor at the end of an event - Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister