Back to School Memories

It has been a long time since I was in traditional school and my son is done now too. Sigh. I love back to school time and this year it is so odd not having anyone going back to school in our home. Nonetheless, I am going to enjoy some of my favorite things for the back to school season myself!

  • School Supplies
    I love, love, love school supplies and the office supply stores. Browsing around at Office Max is one of my favorite things to do, really. All those cool pens, pencils, markers, folders, papers, labels, clips, clasps, staples, desks, chairs, machines, oh my! I think I may have to do a post sharing some of my favorite items even!
  • Autumn Clothes
    When I was younger we still got catalogs from the department stores like JC Penney, Spiegel, Sears, etc. I loved when the fall catalog came because I would pour over the clothes section and see what great outfits the models had on and want to order every single piece! Our budget was not that large though, but Mom always managed to let me buy some cute things for back to school. The funny thing was though that we started school at the end of August when it was still summer and the clothes I bought were definitely not summer. I remember wearing some of those new outfits at the beginning of the year anyway because I just HAD to or it would drive me crazy!
  • Friends New and Old
    While I saw some of my friends over summer break, it was not all of them. When school started up we got to see each other again and make new friends too! In elementary school there was not as many new kids, but there was always the excitement over which of your friends would be in your classroom. Then as I moved to junior high and high school there were lots of new kids as schools merged together and brought kids I had never heard of!
  • Actual School
    Yes, I loved school when I was a kid (most of the time), I still love learning now as an adult. My brain is engaged and getting new information and the wheels are spinning in using that information and connecting it to other things I already know. It just is really fun for me!

What are your favorite things about back-to-school season? Any least favorites?