This time of year there are a lot of teens and young adults moving out of their parents’ homes. Some are headed to college to live in a dorm, some are going to live off campus while at college, and others are taking the plunge and going out on their own into the real world!

Most of us parents want to help out a bit when our baby young adult moves out on their own. As much as we want to help, sometimes they do not want our help or they only want it on their terms. It is all part of the process of leaving the nest even though it is hard to take at times as a parent.

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A Bluebird account can really be helpful because it is super easy to transfer money to the kids when they are out on their own but need a little extra. One of the big extras that is often overlooked are some of the general household items you just do not think about at first when you move out. You can actually pick up a Bluebird account kit for $5 at Walmart and add money on it at the checkout to give as a “moving out” or “on your own” kind of gift for your teen or young adult.

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Trash bags are a must and they are actually kind of expensive for something you just throw away. BUT, they are not all created equally either so you can’t buy just el cheapos because they will rip and tear easily. Remind them that they need different sizes too.

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Very few people have enough storage in their first place. Things like these underbed storage boxes come in handy to store things away but keep them clean at the same time.

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Lamps! Most apartments may have overhead lighting, but who wants to only use an overhead light all the time? Floor lamps and table lamps are needed in bedrooms and living rooms at least.

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…and don’t forget the light bulbs for all those lamps and overhead lights.

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Some basic curtains for privacy are much more attractive than hanging a sheet or blanket over a window (admit it – many of us did that at least once in our young lives).

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Recently the shower curtain and even the shower rod disappeared from one of our bathrooms, hmmmm, I wonder who took that? LOL! It’s okay though, he actually asked first and so I got to buy a new one for my own home instead. I would rather he be clean!

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Towels are another of those things kids seem to forget about when they are moving out on their own for the first time. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, dish towels, and the like.

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At hotels closets come with hangars, but not at apartments. It is cheaper to buy hangars than to buy an iron and an ironing board! Gadgets like a can opener, spatula, and measuring cups can also be found on the cheap to make eating at home much easier.

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Some eating utensils are also kind of important

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A colander is essential for anyone planning on eating at their new home because how many of us ate a lot of spaghetti when we first moved out? It is an inexpensive and comforting meal.

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Don’t forget those floors either. A good broom is needed. Luckily the trend is hard floors right now so first-timers can get away with just a broom usually and not have to get a vacuum right away.

The ongoing essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies also add up really quickly – more quickly than what the kids realize usually when they move out. While we need them to learn to budget we also don’t want them to go without. Helping them out a bit with these things is appreciated.

An easy way is to buy the items yourself or set up a Bluebird account for you and your child (or children) who have moved out. This way you can easily transfer money when they are in a pinch. They can also use Bluebird to pay bills, have paychecks deposited on it, and more all without a bunch of fees like traditional banks are now charging. The days of “free checking” have pretty much ended and those fees really add up for younger folks just starting out.

Do you have kids that have moved out? What did they forget they would need? How do you help them if they are in a pinch?