The big kids are headed back to school this time of year for lots of new learning experiences. Just because the preschoolers are not in a classroom does not mean they cannot be having new learning experiences also. Just like we buy back to school supplies for the older kids, think about some supplies for our preschoolers. (Disclosure: I was provided a sample of this product to facilitate this post; opinions are my own.) My nephew, Colby, turned 2 earlier this summer and loves to learn and play so I was happy to share this Tolo Electronic Cash Register with him.

Preschool play with the Tolo Electronic Cash Register Toy by Reeves

While you might think of this toy as something for older kids, there are plenty of learning experiences happening for young kids and this one is designed for the younger set even, ages 12 months+.

  • Number recognition
    This one is pretty obvious, they can see the numbers on the keys and in the register display. Even if the concept of numbers is not there just yet, just seeing numbers and learning their names is a skill that can be facilitated.

    • Ask your child to press a certain number
    • Point to a number and ask them what number it is
    • Ask your child which number you should press
  • Fine motor skills
    At this young age fine motor skills are developing. The cash register has several things to manipulate to help improve those skills.

    • Pressing buttons – it seems easy to us, but for preschoolers this is a much more difficult task
    • Sliding the credit card – this was Colby’s favorite part because when he slid it correctly lights flashed and a sound is made.
    • Inserting and removing things from the cash drawer. Even though the drawer pops open by pressing the button, they still have to pull it out a bit further by hand. Placing money inside the drawer and removing it is a more complex task.
  • Trading and sharing
    The concept of trading money for items helps teach the concept of sharing actually. The child may want both things (money and item), but using the cash register can help them understand to trade one for the other and to share items with others. We also live in a world where they will need shopping skills sooner than you would think. Learning manners about this activity can start to be taught at this time.
  • Color recognition
    The cash register has great bright colors which aid in learning colors. When playing with your child use colors when talking about doing different things. For example, press the green button to open the green drawer.
    Opening the drawer on the Tolo Electronic Cash Register Toy by Reeves

Colby enjoyed playing with this toy. His mom also commented that it was well made. He had another cash register but it was cheap and broke quickly, she could easily tell the difference in quality.

While we liked that it came with toy money, it is just paper money (not laminated or card stock) and will easily be torn we think. We also wondered why it did not come with toy coins, but then realized that because this cash register is made for younger children than most similar toys that choking on coins would be an issue. As your child gets older you could add other toy coins that are easily found or made as well as different paper money.

TOY: Tolo Electronic Cash Register by Reeves

The Tolo Electronic Cash Register Toy is from Reeves and is recommended for children ages 12 months+ with a retail price of $33.50  I do think that based on the quality of this toy that the price is reasonable, it should last for quite some time and through multiple children in your family.

Do your kids like playing with cash registers? What are their favorites ways to use them?