What Robyn may look like at 107 years old Today I was at the doctor’s office again. We were discussing options for the surgery I have scheduled on Tuesday. I am having my right ovary and a large cyst removed for sure, but we talked about other possible scenarios also depending on what he finds.

This is a new doctor for me so I was filling him in on a bit of my background, especially my weight loss surgery in January. The one thing that stuck in my head that I said to him was “I want to be old”. Yep, that’s right! I do want to be old, because the older I am that means the more years I am living! At 43 I do not feel even close to being “old”. Old is one of those ambiguous terms anyway. Most of the time I feel like I am in my late 20’s still, I’m not sure why, but that’s where I feel like my number should be. I rarely feel “grown up” and I am okay with that.

This past weekend I went to the lake house and visited my grandpa. He is my last living grandparent. I was very lucky to have all of my grandparents for so long, longer than many get to experience, and I had great ones at that. Grandpa is still hanging in there, but he does have a lot of health problems now and just cannot do all the things that he wants. We all worry about him and want him to be as healthy as possible and happy. That happiness is key. That is the quality of our lives. That is what I really want for my grandpa, and myself, to be old and happy!

This year has been full of so much change for me. The best change though is the fact that I am now being proactive rather than reactive with my health. Sadly I did a lot of damage to my bodies in these past 43 years and not everything can be fixed, but I’m doing my best to reverse what I can and go forward and be healthier. My long term goal for sure is to be old and happy and that means healthy too! No more waiting until something is unbearable to see a doctor, no more worrying and dreading things constantly, no more living in pause. I’ve hit the play button and am moving full steam ahead!

So using some photo editing on this website (not working with them – I just stumbled upon it), the photo shows what I might look like at 107 years old. It amazes me how much I look like my dad in this picture! I’ll take it though – I would love to live to be at least 107 years old and happy!

I want to be old. How about you?