My surgery yesterday went well. Thanks to all of you for the good thoughts. The doctor removed my right ovary and the large cyst and performed a D&C. No need for the full hysterectomy thank goodness! By the way, the removal of the ovary and tube has a fun name, unilateral salpingo oophorectomy! I laughed when the doctor first said the name of it.

I was really surprised at how quickly I was out of the hospital after surgery. It was even faster than the two surgeries I had in January, surgery one and surgery two. Hubby had me back at home yesterday just a couple of hours after surgery. Amazing! Laparoscopic surgery is the way to go anytime you can have it instead of them opening you up more.

It is also much easier now that I am down 120 pounds so far to have surgery. Moving from the gurney to the operating table was easier this time for sure. And now during recovery, it is easier for me to sit up and move around on my own. I’m sure my weight loss will make this recovery better overall.

hospital bracelets
Ohhh, look at the beautiful bracelets I received during my hospital stay? So fashionable!

The pain meds, Percocet, are making me a little in and out of it. Not terribly bad though. I mean, I’m on the computer blogging while taking it (forgive any mistakes LOL). Luckily Hubby’s days off these week are now so he is able to stay home with me in case I need anything. I want to mend quickly because I’m headed to Atlanta next week for the Type-A Conference – I told my doctor I was going no matter what! It’s not like it is an overly strenuous trip, the hardest thing would probably be putting my carryon in the overhead bin and I can ask someone on the plane to help me with that.

hospital gear

I must admit I am always fascinated with all the gear in hospital rooms.
And of course, I always love to see tech gear like computers! They had lots of Dell computers at St. Luke’s!

With all these surgeries this year though I’ve got lots of little scars on my stomach area. My scars stand out too, but I’d rather be healthy with scars than unhealthy without them. They are all just parts of my life story. The main area the doctor went in yesterday was through my belly button though! Who knew they could do that? I think that is where he took out the ovary and cyst from even. This time they used surgical glue to “stitch” me up instead of staples so I won’t have those little dot scars from staples on the sides of the cut scars.

hospital socks

It wasn’t just jewelry (those bracelets) they hand out at the hospital. They also gave me these oh so lovely “slippers” to
wear during my stay and some lovely gowns.

Now I have to wait for the results from the pathologist. That part is always hard to wait on. Please keep your fingers crossed for no cancer! My doctor said he thought the cyst didn’t look really bad, just more one of those annoying things. Let’s hope he is right!

And finally, a gentle nudge to any of you who have had aches and pains you are trying to ignore and hope they go away. STOP THAT! I did that for a long time and nothing ever just goes away. Please go to your doctor and tell them what is happening and get things checked out. You will feel better just after seeing the doctor even I bet. This cyst has been bothering me a long time and I’m glad to finally have it out of there. Ask a friend or family member to help you if you are afraid to go see the doctor or if you cancel your appointments. I understand, I was the same way. But again, it is better to get things looked at and taken care of, I promise!