Time To Play Magazine was one of the sponsors at the Type-A blog conference I just got back from. On Saturday night they had hosted a Game Night party for us which made me very happy because you all know I love playing board games! I thought I would share the fun new games we played that night.

  • Boom Boom Balloon

    This is so fun for any age I think. There is an inflated balloon inserted into this “cage” of sorts. On the outside of the cage are these spindles sticking out. You roll the dice on your turn to determine how many times you must push in any of the spindles. The goal is to not pop the balloon on your turn. I loved the faces everyone made on their turn. Boom Boom Balloon review on TimeToPlayMag.com. Thanks @PlusSizeMommy for the Instagram video of me! The bottom pic is @CuteCultureChic being very hesitant about taking her turn!

    So @4hatsandfrugal is kind of afraid of #boomboomballoon! #ttpgamenight by @lizz_porter

    boom boom ballon typeacon 13


  • Draw Something Party

    Normally my thought on digital games as board games is kind of blah, but this Draw Something Party game is a big exception! The reason why is that the actual drawing is not on paper, but on this cool tablet that is see thru. This means you hold it up in front of you to draw and everyone else playing the game can see it on their side too. Totally awesome and lots of fun. I will be buying this game very soon! Draw Something Party review on TimeToPlayMag.com

  • Jenga Tetris

    All the fun of Jenga, but with some much trickier Tetris shaped pieces! Jenga Tetris review on TimeToPlayMag.com

Jenga Tetris

  • Hedbanz Act Up!

    This game has you wear “hedbanz” and put a card into them and another play acts out what is on the card and you have to guess what it is. Fun game, but the actual headbands are kind of hard to keep on and put the card in. Easier to just hold the card up on your turn I think. Hedbanz Act Up! review on TimeToPlayMag.com Thanks @SmartyPantsMama for the fun video of this game!

We also learned that the amazing Christopher Byrne, aka The Toy Guy, has a new book coming out. Chris is so amazing and he shares in his book a look back of favorite toys from decades past. I am so excited to read it. You can read an excerpt of Toy Time on TimeToPlayMag.com and get a free mini-Frisbee if you pre-order Toy Time by Christopher Byrne.

Toy Time! by Christopher Byrne of TimeToPlayMag.com

A huge thanks again to Time To Play Magazine for the super fun game night party. Dancing parties are fun, but I would so much rather play games!

These board games will be big hits with your family and friends – I promise! Which of the games do you think you would like to play the most?