While I was at the Type-A Conference recently I learned about Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary’s Just Write challenge. It is a Tuesday thing, but I’m playing catch up and trying it for the first time today. The gist is to just write – about whatever. So here goes.

Missouri as seen from the airplane window

I love to fly. I wish the windows were better though in the airplanes because it is hard to take pictures out through them. Plus, it is even harder that you can’t have electronics on at the beginning and end of the flights when I really want to take the most pictures. Grrr. Maybe I should buy one of those little disposable cameras with real film for my next flight. Although it will annoy me to pay for prints of photos that kind of suck because only a few I take out of the airplane window are actually kind of cool.

The photo was on my way home from Atlanta, we are in Missouri when I took this. I love that you can see the river and the roads but still the sky and clouds. Wouldn’t it be cool if they could paint the outlines of the states at the borders in big bold lines that we could see from up in the sky? I think it would be cool. I watch the flight path on apps often when flying, but that just isn’t the same as looking out the window and seeing the curves and lines and valleys and hills and water and land and lights and colors.

Then there are the clouds. I remember on my first airplane trip we went to Florida and we flew through this giant thick puffy brilliantly white clouds. It was amazing! I felt like I was in a painting – a kid kind of painting though because they were so clearly defined. I was waiting to see a rainbow somewhere because surely there must be a rainbow in these beautiful clouds and maybe even a unicorn or a Pegasus up there too. On that first flight and on every flight since then I always want to just reach out and scoop of armfuls of the puffiness. The adult in me knows I can’t, but the kid in me still wants to and feels like the clouds would be these airy but incredibly soft blobs that I could actually hold. Or maybe run and jump into them and land softly as they billowed up around me.

Maybe this is why I want to skydive? I have plans to do this finally next summer with Nicole. I don’t know if puffy clouds would be a good or bad thing to have around during skydiving, but I hope it is a good thing and that they are around when I leap out of that airplane! I totally cannot wait for that day to fly!
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